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Total Body Strength & Power for BJJ

In today's post, I'm gonna show you how to get in an awesome total body strength & power for BJJ "workout" (it's not really a workout but rather a 'maintenance' sessions).

Bodyweight has been one of my most challenging disciplines post surgery.

Unlike kettlebells and barbells where you can manipulate the weight -- your bodyweight is, well, your bodyweight and... 

6-8 weeks ago, this was near impossible.

Prior to this, diaphragmatic breathing and slow lower body segmented half rolls were my go-to and the only thing that didn't cause pain.

Here's a sequence I put together for

Total Body Strength & Power for BJJ

You can use this as warm up/cool down or a full on stand-alone-workout session. 

The Flow:

Cobra -> Push-up x 3
PU Side Walk x 2 per side
PU Side Walk w/ a Push-up x 1 per side
PU to Scorpion -> 3 legged PU x 1 per side

This completes 1 circuit. Rest actively and repeat for 2-3 total circuits.

Enjoy and let me know how it goes.


P.S. If you'd like to download the "cheat sheet" of todays flow, >>> Click here to download (no opt in required).