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STOP Give Your Masculinity Away, It’s Unattractive…

I was talking with my wife this past Saturday morning and... while contemplating the decisions I’ve made in my life when it came to my health, biz/career, and our marriage.

I could trace the successes in my life to times when I made QUICK decisions.

And I can trace my struggles in life to times where I SLOWLY made decisions (Read: my lack of decisions) and... fell in the mental traps of:

🚫 “... let me think about it.”

🚫 “... let me talk to my wife about it.”

🚫🚫 “... Let me do some more research.”

🚫 “... it’s not the right time for me at the moment.”

Only to have buyers remorse about it later, change my mind, and go back on my decision.

(Which later-later I was like, “f*ck I should have done it anyway”)

This was very unmanly of me looking back.

When it comes to my health or something for my business... I NEVER ask for my wife’s permission forcing her to make a man’s decision.

Especially if it’s something *I KNOW* will benefit me and my family.

Same goes for my wife.

She’ll ask me, “I’m thinking of doing *this thing*... should I do it?”

Or, “I’m thinking of buying this dress, start a podcast, go on this trip, etc... should I do it?”

My answer is always the same, “Do you wanna do this? Followed by YES... you don’t need to ask me for permission for something which will benefit your life and our marriage.”

I trust my wife to make good decisions.

And she trusts me to make good decisions.

I know she’ll never make a decision if... at her core, she feels it’ll endanger our livelihood.

And she knows the same about me.

What does this have to do with YOU?



By doing so... you’re giving your masculinity away and... at her core... she finds it unattractive.


She now has to tap into her own masculinity (for a lack of yours) and make the decision. Kinda like when you ask her, “what do you feel like eating for dinner?”

She’ll never give you a REAL answer... and if she does it’s, “whatever you want” (which in its own... is a TRAP, I know you’ve been there, we all have).

She’s busy cleaning up the kid’s mess, wiping their asses, cleaning, cooking, and NOW she has to plan a night out with you... *AND* find a babysitter?!

F*CK dude... it’s unattractive.

And it’s UNMANLY.

Nothing is MORE sexually arousing to your wife than for you to take charge... and make the decision of what you’re gonna do.

Instead of, “hey, where do you wanna go eat tonight.”

Try this.

✅ Tell her, “Hey, this weekend, be dressed to impress and be ready to leave the house by 5:30.”

She’ll ask you “why?” and “what about the kids?”

✅ You tell her, “don’t worry about it, everything's taken care of, you worry about BEING READY and looking your best by 5:30.”

The result?

You’re now giving her permission to be a WOMAN... and bathe in her femininity.

(Btw... it’ll also be the best sex you‘ve had since your honeymoon. Ask me how I know this.)

So, quit asking your wife for permission…

... especially for something *YOU KNOW* will benefit her, your life, increase your manliness, and... improve your ability to provide for your family.

Claim your ground.

Claim your identity.

And reclaim your masculinity.

A successful man who’s desired by his wife makes decisions QUICKLY and changes his mind slowly.

Unsuccessful, castrated men, make decisions SLOWLY and change their minds quickly.

Choose to be the manly successful man, no matter how much it may scare you.

If this offends you... it’s because I love you, REAL MEN share TRUTH, and it’s time to change as MEN.

If you’ve been relying on your wife to make your decisions... drop a comment, I’d love to chat with ya.

You can even set up a time to chat we me, here, if you're ready to make a change.

Have a great weekend.

Hec G.

P.S. Seriously... make that decision you’ve been putting off for months... and elevate yourself as a manly man and reclaim what you’ve been giving away.

Talk soon.