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Two Different Size Kettlebells? NO PROBLEM!

Sup man! So... what happens when you have two different size kettlebells?  Do you continue to follow single kettlebell workouts only? I have good news for ya... if you have two different sized kettlebells... you may be in a better spot than someone with a pair of kettlebells.

Check it out... 

Two Different Sized Kettlebells? NO PROBLEM!

The first time I encountered asymmetrical kettlebell sizes (i.e., two different size kettlebells) and how there were applied to training... was in Pavel's program, "Return of the Kettlebell" (ROTK)... a brilliant program if you're trying to pack on some serious muscle.

The discrepancy between the bells were any where from 25-50% difference in size.

E.g., 16/32kg (50%) or 24/32kg (a 25% difference).

This strategy has many HUGE what the Hec effects (see what I did there 😉).

So... I though I'd put a small post together for ya to list some of the hidden benefits to using two different size kettlebells... to take your results to the next level.

Let's dive in... 

3 Hidden Benefits to Using Asymmetrical Kettlebell Sizes to Improve Your Results... 


Hidden Benefit #1: Improving Technical Skill

When it comes to strict pressing one kettlebell... one of the most common things I see... is an unnecessary initiation of the press with a side lean (I talk about and demo it in more detail, here in this post).  And when I say a "side lean"... I'm not talking about engaging the lats before the press.

I'm talking about breaking the cylinder with lateral flexion. This is not good.

Using two different size kettlebells... cleans this up right out of the gate and improves your rack position, for the press and front squat.

So if you wanna improve your pressing skill and strength... spending some time with asymmetrical kettlebell sizes... will take your technical skill to the next level.


Hidden Benefit #2: Speed Skill & Timing

This hidden benefit is what most of my students felt immediately during the executive program of my upcoming Single to Double Kettlebell System, Kettlebell 6. It was the toughest piece of the training to get used to.

When you're loaded symmetrically with two kettlebells of the same size... you don't get the same immediate feedback on your power output. This is problem because... it gives girth to bad habits.

Habits you don't even know are being created.

When using asymmetrical kettlebell sizes with a difference of 50% (e.g., 12/24, 16/32kg)... you get instant feedback on the amount of energy applied to each bell.

You get the least feedback if you're using the same size pair of bells or a 20/24kg (16% difference) as an example.

The goal here is to:

  • Receive the bells at the peak of the swing with the bells parallel to each other.
  • Catch the kettlebells in the rack after a clean... at the same time.
  • Lock out the kettlebells in the overhead position after a snatch or press... at the same time.

If you notice the kettlebells are all over the place... you're not putting an even amount of energy in each kettlebell. Essentially... you wanna make the kettlebells look as if they are the same size kettlebells.

If you wanna improve the speed and power of your kettlebell ballistics... spending time with asymmetrical kettlebell sizes... is a non-negotiable.


Hidden Benefit #3: Perfect Progression to DBL Kettlebells

This is probably one of the most common questions I get from readers of the blog and our emails.  "I only have a 16 and 24kg... can I still do __________ kettlebell program?"

Using two different size kettlebells is the perfect progression to double kettlebell sizes for the 2 reasons I mentioned above.

1️⃣ - It improves your technical skill in the grinds: press and squat.

2️⃣ - Maximizes power output evenly in your ballistic kettlebell exercises: swing, clean, and snatch.

So if all you have in your kettlebell arsenal is... a gang of single size kettlebells... you're light years ahead of other men who only have a pair of kettlebells.

And there ya have it... 3 hidden benefits to using two different size kettlebells and how to leverage them to elevate your skills to the next level.

I know this "technique stuff" can be kinda boring and as a dude... you'd rather skip the foreplay and get right to the fun and dirty work.

The kinda work which strokes your dopamine releasing hypothalamus... I get it but... I wanna share some TRUTH with you before I sign off.

Because no one else will... because all they're too busy care selling you random workouts to make a quick buck.

Before I go... I wanna share with you my secret... 

perpetual results continuum  

Funny things is... it's not a secret, at all.

Here it is:

✅ The more efficient you are in your skills/technique... the more weight you can lift.

✅ The more weight you can lift... the stronger you'll be.

✅ The stronger you are... the more work you can do.

✅ And the more work you can do... on the right eating strategy... results if more muscle and faster fat loss.

There you have it... the perpetual results continuum.

"That'll be $10,000.00" doll hairs.

Gotta bounce.

Give today's lesson a try and let me know what "ah-ha" moments you have at the end of your practice.


Hec G.