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It’s Not Time You Lack, It’s…

“Time” is often the objection we give for why we haven’t taken action on our soul goals. Why we haven’t been able to find balance between work, family, and alone time so when can work on our passions.On the surface this seems like a legit objection.Doing the wife thing, the kids things, and advancing in […]

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Kettlebell Complex Atos 2.0

Yoooo, sup man. Welcome back to the Ol’ blog. Today we’ll be talking about the trusty kettlebell complex (AGAIN) to save-time… while getting in a quality workout. If you’re tired of swings and getups (easy, E-A-S-Y… they’re great for setting a solid foundation… but once you learn the basics… it’s time to expand your skill set […]

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Quit Being A Troll

Sup, dude… (Pardon the scruff #NoShaveNovember) I’ve gotta get something off my chest. I was chatting (virtually) with one of my subscribers the other day and what he shared inspired today’s message.He asked, “Strength, what is it? Is it defined by the goals I read on the SF forum? Is it being able to press half bw or […]

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