Paradox of Externals - Strong As Hec

'Work proceeds the belief.'

~ Andy Frisella

I'm reading Andy Frisella's book, "The Book on Mental Toughness" and using his "Power Lists."

I'm also on day 3 of 75 HARD (this is my 3rd time through. 2021-2022 I completed 75 HARD and Phase 1. But failed "Live Hard.")

Why am I doing 75 HARD again and following the Power List?

Two words.


The last 15 months I've been trapped in my comfort zone.

A Toxic Cycle I'm actively working on getting out of.

Paradox Series: Btw... if you're just join us, this is a continuation of our "Paradox Series." You can review past posts here.

[February 2023]

I "put things on hold."

(I'm going LIVE in the ACADEMY to talk all about it, details here.)

In that time, I slacked on many things and one of them was writing to you on a consistent basis.

My story was, "well, I'm busy."

(Which is a lie.)

As more time went on, it got harder and harder to get back into the daily discipline of writing.

The only way out was to get UNCOMFORTABLE.

Which brings me to the next post in this series.

The Paradox of Externals

Born of Fire


"The 'externals' are designed to get you outside of your comfort zone and push you to your limits. By design, we experience no comforts in the desert.

As men, we can only grow by being pushed to our limits and then breaking through.

Now, the internal struggles, are a different animal. The external breakthroughs lead to the internal breakthroughs, breakthroughs of the heart.

A lot of men can go to the desert and 'do' hard things for a period of time, but it takes a certain kind of man to go on the 'interior journey,' a journey, where he is invited to face himself, his weakness, his poverty, and his brokenness." ~ Born of Fire, pg. 4

We need the externals to grow strong and yet we avoid them because they are uncomfortable.

When in reality... making yourself uncomfortable, by doing hard things, accelerates not only your progress in life...

... but also builds mental toughness––an interior transformation.

In my last post, I mentioned,  "An interior transformation cannot happen without an external experience."


With external experiences (i.e., ACTION) come stories.

With stories come belief(s).

With belief(s) comes ACTION.

(This is an example of what we call a "Better Man" cycle. The antidote to freeing yourself from your Toxic Cycle.)

Action is what I needed to rebuild consistency resulting in an interior transformation, i.e., belief.

Belief that I have what it takes to re-build Hardstyle to what it once was.

What does this have to do with you?

What actions are you avoiding to remain in your comfort zone?

Actions which would leave to your interior transformation.

If you're willing, drop a comment below or shoot me DM in the ACADEMY and let me know.

Appreciate you reading.

hec g.

P.S. -  I'm loving Andy's "Power List" because it's in complete alignment with our values and what we teach out students in the HARDSTYLE ACADEMY.

We call them, "Daily Disciplines."

A step-by-step system to help our students build discipline:

  • The 5 Areas to Discipline.
  • The 5 Rules of Discipline.
  • 5 Components to Build Discipline.
  • Discipline Contingency Plan.

So they can do the work in front of them, build self-belief, get more from their workouts, and bring more value to their community.

More on these another day.

P.P.S. If you wanna know "where I've been" and why I've been "silent" the last 15 months...

... I'm going LIVE here in the Academy, Thursday, 6 June 2024 @ 19:00 CDT, to fill you in.

Hope to connect with you then.

(To be continued...)