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4 Strength Training Rules to Live by Before Your First *EVER* Kettlebell Workout

Do you remember your first kettlebell?
How about your first "kettlebell workout"?

2006 I was doing my weekly shopping at a local sporting goods store here in Corpus and I stumbled upon what would be my first kettlebell.

I was like, "Hey that's what Tyrone was talking about!".

(Tyrone is a friend of mine and the first black belt on our team who told me about kettlebells, a story for another day).

It was a rubber coated 25 pound GoFIT kettlebell.

(I thought it was "heavy", LOL)

Here's my first collection of bells from 2006-2010

It proceeded to kicked the living crap out of me for years to come.

I'll never forget it.

After checking out at the store, I rushed to open mat at 11am like I was 9 years old again jumping out of bed on Christmas morning.

After class I did my first EVER kettlebell workout.

But only after I visited YouTube university 😉

YouTube is GREAT, isn't it?

Did you know, it's where people go to solve a problem?

Think about it.

When you have a question and need to learn something FAST, ehem, like using a kettlebell...

... do you go search FB?
... maybe Instagram?

... what about Snap Chat? (Is Snap Chat even around anymore?)


You go to YouTube (aka: YouTube University), ever thought about that?

Eh, it's not important but it stuff like this that I think about on my free time, LOL.

"Ok, Hector, focus, back to the topic!"

I searched YT for kettlebell workouts. At that time there was hardly anyone teaching this stuff and least not in my neck of the woods.

(The closest instructor was over 8 hours away)

But, it's where I came across legendary coaches like:

  • Brett Jones
  • Mike Mahler
  • Steve Cotter and
  • Andrew Durniat

... to name a few.

I did what they did and it kicked my butt. I thought I was strong and in shape.

Sheesh -- was I wrong.

I mean, I had been training Jiu-Jitsu for the past 6 years and if you train Jiu-Jitsu, you're automatically in great shape, right?


Why am I telling you this little story?


If I could do it all over again, I would not jump right into kettlebell workouts. 

I'm not saying doing so is wrong (after all most of my content is on kettlebell workouts, training programs, courses, etc...) but, here's what I would do differently if I had the chance.

(Or would I?! Clearly my past has shaped me into the coach I am today, hmmm...)

4 Strength Training Rules to Live by Before Your First EVER Kettlebell Workout:

  1. Understand the concepts (i.e., the why) of lifting kettlebells: Understanding the "why" behind an exercise or methodology sets you up better for the "how".
    Why use kettlebells over barbells?
    Why breathe *this* way and not *that* way?
    Why grab the kettlebell like *this* & what does it do?
    Why set up in this position and how does it effect my performance?
  2. Practice more than you workout: Now you've learned some important concepts, it's time to put them into practice. Practice is the "how".

    Learn the required drills, tactics, techniques and practice said drills over and over. A bi-product of your practice will be the BEST personal growth session and "workout" you've ever had.

    Best of all...

    You WILL FEEL AMAZING -- not overworked, drained, or wake up the next morning "feeling broken".

    You certainly won't feel like you got your ass kicked.

    Speaking of ass kicking, If you want to get your ass kick, we can arrange 3, 5 minute rounds in a private setting where you can grapple with me and some of my best buds -- FOR FREE 😉

    Don't seek an ass kicking in your workouts, it won't serve you.

  3. Focus on ONE exercises at a time: I know, I know. It's exciting, you're learning something new and want to completely immerse yourself into each skill. This will only lead to over training -- resulting in you "needing to take a break".

    Taking breaks leads to inconsistency and a lack of results which leads to more frustration.

    Focus will be a challenge but, YOUMU​STFOCUS.

    The good news is, you have time. There is no rush. All the skills will be there for the taking, when you're ready.
  4. Seek out a coach/mentor: This is of most importance. I can speak from experience on this one -- of how much time, money, and frustration you will save.

    I remember one of the hardest exercises for me to learn was the kettlebell clean. It took me a little over 3 years (late 2007-mid 2011) to learn this ridiculously simple exercise.

    I remember every time I would hold the bell in the rack position, it would hurt SO BAD (I'm sure you can relate if you're just getting started)!

    So I had a BRILLIANT IDEA...

    I'm gonna do 100 cleans before every session, till I get it right.

    I had just got in my first official, real-deal, cast iron 24kg kettlebell. I proceeded to do 50 cleans right and 50 cleans left (every session).

    Did I mention I did this -- WITHOUT PUTTING THE BELL DOWN!

    (Gosh that was stupid *FACE PALM*)

    Did it help?


    My wrists were black, blue, and swoll up to the point where I couldn't even wear my wrist watch.

    Eventually I couldn't continue this tactic (obviously) and had to take time off (1-2 months at a time) from training just to let my wrists heal.

    All of this could have been avoided had I just made the time to go visit my now mentor Jason Marshall in Lubbock, Tx (even if it was 8+ hours away).

    The amount of time, money, and frustration I would have saved is priceless.

Fortunately for you, you don't have to travel 12 hours -- thanks to the evolution of technology, (ehem) my blog, and YouTube channel.


If you're just getting into using kettlebells (or even if you're a long time kettlebell user) to get in great shape because you're stressed for time -- learn from my mistakes!

Apply these 4 rules to your life:

1️⃣ Understand the concepts of lifting kettlebells first.
2️⃣ Practice more than you workout.
3️⃣ Focus on ONE exercises at a time.
4️⃣ Seek out a coach/mentor.

You'll be much happier, I guarantee it!

Talk soon.

🥋 Hec

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