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Double Kettlebell Jerk: Rōnin Phase 2 *SNEAK PEEK*

If you're new to the SAH blog and maybe even new to strength training with kettlebells to get in great shape in minimum time -- there is ONE particular exercise you must practice if you're looking for an unfair advantage on the mat (and in life).

Especially if you're stressed for time and looking for the most efficient way to: 

✅ Get in great shape
✅ Build lean muscle
✅ Get freakishly STRONG
✅ And improve endurance for Jiu-Jitsu

All of which unleash your ability to reclaim your masculinity, get your power back, and show up better as a man, husband, & father...

if you can resonate with what I mentioned above -- look no further than what I call

"... the Black Belt of Kettlebell Lifts."

The Double Kettlebell Jerk and it's variations.

Friend, I feel you and know exactly where you're at:

😟 your life is CRAZY BUSY!
😩 you don't have a lot of time at your disposal
😤 you're frustrated, stressed out, and feel over-worked
🤯 not sure where to start or how to managing the time you do have

to get in (or back in) great shape.

You need a fool-proof process to integrate, strength training, endurance, mobility/flexibility, agility, quickness, and still trigger a nice fat loss effect

... WITHOUT interfering with your life and time on the mat.

Am I right?

Of course I am!

I know, because I am YOU (that's for another story).

Here's why the double kettlebell jerk is important to you and why it's defcon level 9 critical to be -- a staple exercise in your training routine.

A well "balanced" training program should incorporate the following movements:

  • Push
  • Pull
  • Squat
  • Hinge
  • Rotation
  • Carry
  • Gait

All of which can be found in the Double Kettlebell Jerk, especially it's  more sinister variation, the Long Cycle Clean andJerk (LCCJ).  

It's the closest feeling to grappling 10 BJJ black belts: back to back to back, without actually having to train Jiu-Jitsu.

(Ask me how I know this 😉)

In the Double Jerk you have all 7 in the order you’d complete one Clean and Jerk:

  1. A hip hinge: from your initial set up -- this hits the glutes, hamstrings, and all other muscles required for brute strength, power, agility, and of course, posture.
  2. A pull: this action happens immediately after the hinge. After driving through your hips, you must "pull" and redirect the bells to the rack position (a great bicep builder by default btw).
  3. Carry: This is the rack position. Building a strong core and posture.
  4. A squat: every drive from the double kettlebell jerk is initiated by a quarter squat. This builds strong quads, especially the vastus medialis (known as the "tear drop", located on the front inside part of your knees) to build resilient knees.  The quarter squat will pulverize and bullet-proof your abs, pecs, and shoulders -- building a much stronger/resilient body.
  5. A push: this is where it all comes together. After the drive, you need to quickly drop under the weight, taking your agility and quickness to the next level.  Just another reason this is a great exercise for BJJ, it's highly focused on skill and technique to gain maximum leverage over the weight.
  6. Gait: Traditionally the DJK is based on the bi-lateral Power Jerk. But you can also perform it as a Split Jerk. When you practice the Split Jerk, you’re covering the gait pattern.
  7. Rotation: Another nuance here. When you practice the Single Kettlebell Jerk, you’re teaching your body cross-body stabilization to resist rotary torque. Instead of entering rotation, you’re resisting it which is critical to generate power and resist injury.

There you have it, 7 essential movements for a well balanced strength program.

It's efficient.

Time tested.

It flat out works.

But the best part is, it leaves you feeling BAD*SS!

"... Hector, what about building some muscle and losing weight (i.e., fat loss)?"

YEP, you get that too!

If programmed correctly (which is the focus of today's sneak peek) you GET-IT-ALL with the double kettlebell jerk.

It packs dense muscle in all the right places: pecs, shoulders, forearms, upper back, glutes (hello kettle butt), legs, and trims the midsection.



Ok, I've talked enough, let's get into the workout details, cool? Cool!

The goal of phase 2 is:

  1. Increase respiration in the strength exercises
  2. Increase myoglobin (red proteins that carry and store oxygen in muscle cells)
  3. Strength endurance
  4. Mild muscle building

We'll be doing that by breaking down the clean and jerk into it's core movements:

  • The clean
  • The jerk

The Layout

Today's workout will be a ladder protocol.

The ladder: 2, 3, 4

Example ladder:

0:00: 2 double jerks (DJK), rest to the top of the minute (TOM). Clock should read 00:08.

01:00: 3 DJK's, rest TOM. Clock should read 01:12.

02:00: 4 DJK's, rest TOM. Clock should read 02:16.

This completes one ladder and your series of jerks. At the end of the 3rd set of jerks, rest TOM, plus 1 minute.

04:00: Start a series of double cleans (DCL) following the same ladder.

Upon completing your 3rd set of DCL's (completing the series) -- this completes ONE CIRCUIT.

Rest TOM plus 2 minutes.

08:00: start the next circuit and series of jerks.

Each circuit will take 8 minutes.

Complete 5 total circuits.

Total time investment of this workout: 38 minutes.

Let me know how it goes!


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