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You’ve Been EXPOSED!

Last night we wrapped up a great conversation in our men’s support call. Around the topic of resultsResults is an interesting topic… as it’s one of our “natural laws” which reveals TRUTH.

Kinda like mathematics.

You can’t argue math and numbers as they’re natural revelation.

My good friend and mentor (Sup Rick!) said something to me once and I’ve never forgotten it.

“You can’t argue a truth… you can only deny it”.

Results are truth.

You can’t say “I didn’t know”.

I mean… you can choose to ignore results and truth but… in reality you’re living in denial.

If you deny it long enough… you'll build little lies obscuring the truth.

In the end... creating a false belief system.

A false reality.

And be trapped... living in a fantastic world.

You can say, “I'll do it on my own for now… I can follow this workout or this eating strategy and hope for the best”.


It’s a lie.

Because your results are your results.

Having a pattern of "thinking you can do it on your own"...

... leads to overthinking it… and results in more wasted time.

Unnecessary failures.

And more chronic aches and pains.

(Keeping you from the REAL results you envisioned when you started)

Results don't lie.

No matter what you try and do to cover them up, reframe them or say to yourself.

Your results are your results.

You created them.

You conceived them.

(and you must own them)

They're not your wife's fault.

Your children's fault.

Your parent's fault.

They're sure as hell aren’t the government's fault.

They're not COVID 19's fault.

Your results are a mirror of the stories you’ve been telling yourself.

They’re a mirror of the actions you’ve taken and the patterns you’ve created.

They are a mirror of your commitment or lack there of.

Right now people are blaming the pandemic for their current situation.

"My small business didn’t get bailout money!"

"Where’s my stimulus check?!”

“The government only cares about large banks and corporations.”

“COVID 19 is causing me to stress eat and gain weight.”

“My gym closed and I can’t find equipment to stay in shape.”

Friend… here’s the TRUTH about your current results (mine included). 

COVID 19 didn’t cause you to gain weight.

It didn’t cause you to be in a tough financial spot.

It didn’t cause your business to go under.

COVID 19...


It exposed ME.

It exposed our weaknesses and is confronting us with our current results (the TRUTH of our reality).

Here are 5 area's of your life COVID 19 is exposing and mirroring back to you, your current results.


Results in your Body:

Have you been building an anti-fragile body the last 5 years to endure the current test?


... are you scrambling to find equipment?
... piecing together random workouts hoping...

it'll deliver the results you've been chasing for years.

Many of the men I serve have been building their home gyms for years...

... and now have the tools in place and piece of mind they won’t fall off track… pandemic or not.

Have you done what’s required to have the healthiest immune system?

Have you weaponized your body... by making the right food choices and following the right eating strategies the last 5 years?

Does your body operate as an asset or a liability?


Results in your Marriage:

Have you invested time, energy, and effort into your marriage?

Or are you and your wife at each others throats?

Have you made it a point to make time for your wife and tell her how much you adore, appreciate, and love her?  I heard a crazy statistic the other day.

About a week ago…

... either the state or city of New York had the highest filings for divorce in a 10 day time frame since COVID 19.  Not sure how true this is... but it wouldn’t surprise me.

Does your marriage operate as an asset or liability?


Results in your Family:

Do your children look to you for advise and see you as a mentor?

Or do have issues with conveying and communicating emotions?

Is your family an asset or liability?


Results in your Business/Career:

Have you done the work in your marketing, sales, and systems the past five years... to assure you survive this Pandemic?

Or have you ignored the digital and online space and know you need to step your game up?

Is your business an asset or liability?


Results in our Bank Account: 

Have you made money, saved money, and created extra streams of income the last 5 years... to assure your family survives this Pandemic?

Is your bank account an asset or liability?

Which of these are currently a liability for you?

The last 5 weeks... COVID 19 has exposed us ALL.

We all have a weakness somewhere in our life.

And COIVD 19 is exposing & confronting us with what needs to change.

If you feel the family, marriage, and fitness side of your life is a liability and needs to change…

… I’d love to set up a Break-Free strategy call with you.

On the call we’ll get clear on what you’re doing, where you’re at, your goals, where the breakdowns are happening, and where you wanna be.

If I can help, I’ll let you know.

If I can’t and we’re not a good fit… I’ll let you know this too.

And if it makes sense and we're a good fit...

... I may invite you to join my gang of men in the Better Man Blueprint 90 Day Intensive.

But before I share my calendar… I wanna first address who this call is for.

This call IS for you IF:

  • You’re serious, ready, and committed to becoming better.
  • Ready, willing, and able to invest in yourself and your family.
  • You’re looking for a proven system to get back in shape, look and feel better... without interfering with your duties as the man of the house.
  • You’re ready to focus on YOU, so you can live life with purpose and on your terms.

This call ISN'T for you IF:

  • You’re unwilling to commit to a proven system to get back in shape and regain control of your life.
  • You make excuses about “why you don’t have time”.
  • You’re not ready to be challenged.
  • You think you have all the answers and you’re not coachable.

If you’re ready to level up and be the man

… let’s set up a time to chat.

Here’s the link to my calendar… choose a time which works for you and we’ll make it happen.

I look forward to seeing you on my calendar.

Hec G.