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Endurance Focused Press and Squat Session

Yo!  Welcome back for another killer single kettlebell workout... in today's kettlebell workout we'll continue with our theme of improving strength, endurance, and respiration using the strength exercises.

Today's endurance focused session leverages two fundamental kettlebell exercises: the press and squat. You'll complete a series of presses followed by a series of squats to complete one circuit.

Let's dive into it...

Endurance Focused Press and Squat Session

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Hec G.

The Circuit


Series #1: Press

"00:00" x 2 presses right.

"01:00" x 3 presses left.

"02:00" x 4 presses right.

At "03:00" switch to squats.


Series #2: Squat

"03:00" x 2 Squats.

"04:00" x 3 Squats.

"05:00" x 4 Squats.

Rest top of the minute plus another minute (TOM+1)

After the 3rd set (“05:15”) of squats... rest TOM+1 before starting the next circuit and series of presses at “07:00”.

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Hec G.

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