When Your Values Don’t Matter - Strong As Hec

'... it's IMPOSSIBLE to develop the right strategy to create the life you wanna live.'

I talk about about "values" and why, without them you're doomed to a life of mediocrity... and I stand by this but, there is a time, when your values DON'T MATTER.

More in why in a second.

But first... 

... What's the one thing keeping men from creating the life they wanna live?

Some say it's, "not enough time."

Some say it's, "not enough opportunity."

Others say it's, "not enough money, I'm broke."

While these may seem like valid reasons. In reality, these are RESULTS.

Results from a lack of the "right thoughts."

Here's what I mean. Men lack the "right thoughts" because... they lack a "value system."

Without clarity of values you can't cast a vision of the life you wanna live. Every wonder why you can't wake up early (so you can have more time for yourself)?

You set the alarm for 5 am but snooze till 7am (now you're rushed getting the kids together) and your "alone time" goes out the window.

Here's why...

Without a vision you can’t discover your purpose.

It's your purpose which drives you... it excites you to wake up (before the alarm on your phone buzzes).

Your purpose frees you from the dreaded "Monday Blues" and "thank god it's Friday" mentality.

And it doesn't stop there.

Without your values, vision, and purpose…

... it's IMPOSSIBLE to develop the right strategy to create the life you wanna live.

So you can have more time to yourself.

And become the elite version of yourself (i.e., the man, husband, and father your wife and kids are depending on).

But... here's the caveat.

Values, Vision, and Purpose aren't worth a cup of piss if... you're having the wrong thoughts.


Your thoughts set your values.

And your life experiences (i.e., your wounds)... give birth to your thoughts/belief system/world view. If your belief system about yourself is damaged based on an experience...

... it's impact can last a life time.

Leading to internal resistance and a lack of action.

And the only way to become elite and take action towards creating a new life for yourself you must...

Give yourself a NEW WOUND.

By telling yourself a NEW STORY to set new thoughts—a NEW belief system.

Once you do this.

You'll get clear on your values.

And your values lead to your vision (of what’s possible).

(After all, how can you hit a target you can’t see?)

Your vision leads to your purpose.

Purpose leads to the right strategy.

The right strategy leads to ACTION!

And not just "action..."

But the RIGHT ACTION to becoming elite.

You got this dude, we're pullin' for ya,

hec g.

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