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Action Attraction Method: How to Get What You Want in Life

Sup my man... welcome back. In today's post I'm gonna talk about the, "Action Attraction Method" and how to get what you want in life.

If you relate to any of these...

  • You’re frustrated with your busy schedule and aren’t making yourself a priority so you can be a better man.
  • Not sure who to trust as a result of too much conflicting and misinformation on the interwebz.
  • You’re avoiding the flexibility aspects of training because... you fear, “making things worse.”
  • You’ve been short tempered lately with the wife, kids, and you’re not happy with where you’re at as a man.
  • You lack consistency and never follow through with things you start.
  • Work/life balance is non-existent. You’d like to work less, have more time with the family and self-development.
  • You feel like a failure. Think you’re not worthy of the good things in life because of past experiences.
  • And nagging injuries keep rearing their ugly head—keeping you from building momentum.

... then you'll find this post helpful.

If you've been stuck for any period of time in your journey as a man for more than a couple of months -- this is NOT normal. Then I'm willing to bet you've skipped one of the 7 steps in Action Attraction Method.

Action Attraction Method: How to Get What You Want in Life...

How to get what you want in life, action attraction method

Here's another way to look at the steps.

Wound ➡️ Story ➡️ Thoughts ➡️ Values ➡️ Clarity ➡️ Vision ➡️ Aligned Action Attraction

"I dive into this a little more here on the vicious 4 step cycle holding you back.

Where you're sitting right now in your life is a result of an experience -- i.e., a wound -- you received as a youngster.

From there you told yourself a story of said wound -- whether it was a physical or psychological wound.

This story creates thoughts and potential limited belief patterns.

From there your thoughts set your values allowing you to get clear on the outcome you want!

And this's likely the MISSING PIECE for you and why you're stuck.

You haven't gotten clear on the exact outcome you want. If you're gonna overcome the obstacles in your life... whether they're health, relationships, or biz related.

You've gotta get CLEAR and understand WHAT it looks like on the other side of your obstacle -- or circumstance.

Only when you get clear on the exact outcome.

Does your mind put on it's hardhat and go to work to attract the right solution for you. Only then do all the planets, stars, etc... come into alignment -- in your interest -- to lay your desires at your feet.

"But Hector... I don't know what success would even look like."

Fair enough.

If this is the case...

Then you lack vision -- step 6 -- and need to back up a few steps and identify where in the A.A.M you're stuck.

Men who don't know WHAT success would look like -- or what would make them happy with what they see in the mirror.

Is a result of... skipping the other steps in the Action Attraction Method.

They've refused to get clear on their psychological wounds and face themselves.

They're stuck in the stories and lies they've been telling themselves for years. About WHY they can't stay consistent.

WHY they don't have time, etc.

But here's what I know to be true.

The only way to create a vision of what you want in life -- so you can align your actions to your purpose -- is to get CLEAR on the exact outcome you want.

And to gain clarity...

... you must take a look at your value system.

Which is a consequence of your thoughts and stories. These stories -- which feel VERY real -- are tied to your wounds and life experiences.

Until you get clear on steps 1-4...

... you'll never complete steps 5-7.

Leaving you trapped in your vicious, toxic cycle. Continuing to struggle with consistency aaaand...

... NEVER finishing what you've started.

There you have it dude.

The Action Attraction Method: How to Get What You Want in Life.

It's important to get CLEAR on the exact outcome you want so you can cast your vision and align your actions to your purpose.

Appreciate ya giving this a read.

hec g.

P.S. - If you wanna discover how to do this. How to gain clarity on the outcome YOU want... so you can be more consistent -- and be more effective as a man, husband, and father.

Then you'll find this helpful.