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The Paradox of Change

‘Don’t remain loyal to something simply because of how long you’ve been doing it.’~ Brian Bohlke My friend and mentor said this to me ~2015 and I’ve never forgotten it. His wisdom can be applied to your relationships, exercise routine, and eating habits.And that’s what I wanna unpack with you in this series, “the Upper […]

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“Hector is a F**KING COWARD!”

‘We act consistent with who we believe we are.’~ Tony Robbins.Pardon the harsh language, but…The title of this post is based on a belief I had about myself during a “Bucketing Session” at the close of 2022 going into 2023.It’s what led to a 15 month absence from content creation and marketing my business. Paradox […]

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The Paradox of Resistance

‘Just realized that I’m sabotaging myself by resisting the very thing that will stop me from sabotaging myself!’ This was a message I got from one our students while he was “on mission.” Resistance is a tricky paradox. It can serve as fuel for growth or it can pull you down to ruin. Think about it. In the […]

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Paradox of Externals

‘Work proceeds the belief.’~ Andy FrisellaI’m reading Andy Frisella’s book, “The Book on Mental Toughness” and using his “Power Lists.”I’m also on day 3 of 75 HARD (this is my 3rd time through. 2021-2022 I completed 75 HARD and Phase 1. But failed “Live Hard.”)Why am I doing 75 HARD again and following the Power […]

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The Toxic Cycle (and Identity 1)

‘Even salt looks like sugar.’My daughter blew my mind when she said this.I was impressed.We were talking are paradigms and perception.And how things aren’t always what they appear to be.And in her child-like wisdom she says, “yep, even salt looks like sugar.”It was a proud dad moment. Paradox Series: If you’re just join us, this […]

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