IR + GSF + GY = Becoming Unstoppable - Strong As Hec

IR + GSF + GY = Becoming Unstoppable

We’re living in uncertain times, no doubt.

And given that... CERTAINTY is the #1 need of all humans, it’s no wonder people are going bat sh*t crazy.

People need to know they’re gonna be ok.

And this certainty... whether it’s their health, finances, or even a semblance of normal life... has crumbled in a matter of days and weeks due to the Coronavirus.

The 24/7/365 news hype hasn’t helped either.

No matter what your feelings on the situation are... a pandemic is out of everyone’s personal control.

But what’s NEVER out of your control is how you choose to think and act in this time.

Even in the most scary, uncertain times, there’s always a flip side.

There’s always opportunity.

Those who focus on the opportunity will emerge THRIVING with a better quality of life. You can use this challenge as a gift or become victim to it... I encourage the former.

Speaking of “thriving”… there are 3 ways you could respond to COVID-19.

(Referred to as a "Black Swan" by Nassim Taleb)

In his book, Antifragile… Nassim Nicholas Taleb refers to these 3 responses as “The Triad”.

We can:

1️⃣Crumble under fear - the "fragile" response.
2️⃣Weather the storm - the "resilient" response.
3️⃣Thrive - the ANTI-FRAGILE response.

As men and created persons in God’s image, our gift to our families, community, and the world is not being "resilient”.

But rather… being anti-fragile.

We aren't wired to “weather the storms” of our trials, misfortune, and circumstances.

But to thrive BECAUSE of them.

In the days, weeks, and months ahead of us… we have a few life-altering decisions to make. Will this crisis break us... or forge us into the men (and women) we thrive to be?

You’ve found yourself in a unique opportunity, my friend…

… as I write this… we're smack dab in the middle of the Lenten season and wandering in the desert. Now's the time to turn away from our previous fragile self.

Will we complain like the Jews in the wilderness did to Moses (thinking they were better off as slaves in Egypt)?

Or will we trust… God is calling us to something greater?

He’s calling us to slow down, turn from our old ways, and create a new.

Hey, it's Hector!

Today I wanna share with you 

3 underlying “legacy-grade” benefits COVID-19 can bring to your life... and how you can leverage them in this strange time to become anti-fragile:


**IR = Improve Relationships**

Unfortunately your career has kept you from your family (I’ve experienced this as much as the next person).

It's time to slow down.

If you’re staying home with the wife and kids, now's the time to bond with them.

Make pancakes in the morning, take a walk, and get to know them better.

Reach out to an old friend… whether in person or Facetime.

We get so busy in our lives… we neglect those closest to us so often.

This is an opportunity to reconnect in a powerful way.


**GSF = Get Super Fit**

If you've always felt pressed for time before... you may find yourself with extra time now… especially if you are isolating.

Learn to cook a meal from scratch with the family.

Pull out those kettlebells collecting dust (you know, the door stops) and learn how to use them (this should point you in the right direction).

Get outdoors and get some sun.

Did I mention getting in a workout?

It's worth repeating… WORKOUT DAILY in your home (even if you have no equipment!).

This is what I coach the men in Better Man Blueprint and SAH Mastermind how to do... in less than a couple of hours per week.

The results they’re getting are insane and... it's helping them create stronger bonds with their family.

Your health MUST be your top priority in times like this.


**GY = Grow Yourself**

What project or course have you been putting off till “it was a good time”?

Have you procrastinated starting that biz or taking action on that one idea you had because you think you need a business plan?

(I opened Hardstyle 9 years ago WITHOUT a business plan, a bank loan, or an investor)

Read that book.
Listen to that podcast.
Journal and uncover what you want from life.

Again… the things you never made time for are perfect right now and waiting for you to conquer them.

Hate that job you’re away from anyway (or the people you work with)?
Craft your plan now and deploy it whether you feel you’re ready or not.

Use this time to DECIDE who you want to become.

So you can enjoy or avoid the pains of the following cycle / rollercoaster of life

Your thoughts control your emotions.
Your emotions control your actions.
Your actions today control your future outcomes.

Know where you wanna be when this blows over, because it will.

Align your thoughts now... so you can create the life you think about late at night… while the TV is on in the background as if a distant memory and your wife has gone to sleep.

If you allow fear and negativity to devour your thoughts… weeks, months, or years down the road… you'll reap more negativity, fear, and indecisive action.

How we react to our current reality is a choice, for better or for worse.

It’s the Anti-Fragile who will rise from the ashes and become unstoppable.  Those unwilling to move through fear and build now… will fall victim to fragility.

What opportunity do you see for yourself today to become unstoppable?

Drop a comment and let me know!

Together, we will get through this.

I’m planning to come out stronger in every way.

Will you join me?

I’m pulling for ya.

Hec "The Anti-Fragilista" G.

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