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How To Know FOR CERTAIN You’ll Attain Your Goal…


Finally getting a moment to sit down and write to ya.

I just got home from Holy Mass and man — am I at peace.

I’m not sure if you’re a “believer” — if you are, ever feel the Lord tugging on your heart?

I felt it this morning.

While you hear people talk about how “God spoke to them” — I’ve never had this experience. 

Until this morning.

While it wasn’t an audible voice (that would be weird) it was a “feeling” in my heart.

More of a thought really.

One thing I know for sure is... God leads our thoughts.

So I “perked up”.

Every morning after I drop my kids off at school, I walk across the parking lot and sit in Adoration for 10 minutes.

What’s Adoration?

If you’re not Catholic, this can take some time to explain, LOL.

In short, as Catholics, we believe the resurrected Jesus Christ is TRULY present in body, blood, soul, and divinity in the presence of bread and wine (This is known as “The Eucharist”, Greek for “Thanksgiving”).

(Again, to fully appreciate this, it will take time to unpack it all, maybe an post for another day?)

If this IS indeed the case — and you’re a believer — It would make sense to sit in silence and give thanks in the presence of Christ.


This's something I do each morning for 10 minutes. I wrap up about 07:55 and head home to get my day started.

But today, “something” (Christ) was tugging on my heart to stay for 08:30 Mass.

AHHH, I was torn.

I had coaching calls, and other projects to finish before my coaching call with my coach.

I stayed for Mass and, WOW!

Christ was calling me.

Today is the celebration of Our Lady’s presentation in the temple (she was 3 years old). Again, this will take a while to unpack and I won’t do it all here in this post.

Let’s just say, it's a REALLY special day for us Christians.

The Homily (Sermon), readings, and music was exactly what I needed to hear.

I’ve been dealing with some internal struggles, fears, and self-doubts for the last couple of years and this morning I got clarity around it ALL.

You’re probably wondering what me getting clarity and going to Mass has to do with YOU and knowing you’ll attain YOUR goals for CERTAIN?

I’ll tell you.

See, what many don’t know about The Blessed Virgin Mary is (and was) predestined to be the mother of God from the very beginning.

God preserved her from Original Sin.

The church teaches, Mary’s parents Joachim and Anne consecrated  her to God at the age of 3 to fulfill a vow.

Mary remained there to be educated in preparation for her role as the mother of God.

This took 12 years!

You read this right...

12 Y-E-A-R-S of preparation to become who she was predestined to be.

So friend, if you’re not where you want to be in life, your goals, and if you’ve been putting in the work... and aren’t seeing the results you envisioned...

... rest assure, it’s coming.

And the more resistance you’re experiencing — the breakthrough is near.

Whether you’re a believer or NOT — God is preparing you for something GREAT!

To attain great things in this life... you MUST first become more.

To quote the impactful Jim Rohn...

“... Your level of success will seldom exceed your level of personal development... because success is something you attract by the person you become.”

You need to become the kinda person who attracts EXTRAORDINARY results by becoming an attractive person.

And I’m not talking about aesthetics.

You must transform into the person who possesses the necessary qualities to attract, maintain, and build on your results.

Here’s a little thought experiment for you.

If I were to snap my fingers, and you had everything your desired in this life:

  • More time
  • Better finances 
  • An athletic body
  • More love and passion 
  • Better relationships with your wife and kids

If you had ALL of this RIGHT NOW...

... would you be 100% confident — you possessed the characteristics, mindset, and discipline to maintain and build on these results?

I can confidently say for myself... I DO NOT (in certain areas of my life).

The reason you don’t have what you want right now is because... you’re not ready for it, plain and simple.

Because if I snapped my fingers and you had it — you’d piss it away in no time.

Think of all the knuckleheads who win the lottery or pro athletes who sign a contract for 100’s of millions of dollars...

... after 15-20 years, they’re dead broke!


Because they lack the characteristics and mindset to attract, maintain, & build on the results they had.

So how to you do this?

How do you become this person who attains extraordinary results?

Here’s how!

It’s My 5 Steps to Crafting YOUR Affirmations... to become the kinda person who attracts what your heart desires -- allowing you to have a greater impact on your wife, kids, and community.

Download it today, and put it into action.

This’s just a small taste of what I help the men of my Better Man Blueprint 90 Day Intensive coaching program work through everyday.

Talk soon.

Hec G.

P.S. -----> If you like this post and would like to hear more about this kinda stuff (Mary and her role, the Church, and teachings on the Eucharist) — drop a comment and let me know.

Of course, if you hated it and rolled your eyes, drop a comment and let me know too, I’d love to dialogue with ya. 

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