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Can Arm Wrestling Improve Your Kettlebell Clean?

I just started a new series on my YouTube channel on the kettlebell military press following a three part series on "how to improve your kettlebell clean" and it got me thinking...

Have you ever watched the movie 'OverThe Top'? It featured Sylvester Stallone (as Lincoln Hawk) and was about arm wrestling--probably one of the best movies, EVER!


The title of the movie was named after a specific arm wrestling technique called
"Over The Top".

Basically what happens is the wrestler applying the technique gains leverage over his opponent by putting him in...

The broken arm position by manipulating his wrist, elbow and shoulder.

You're probably wonder what this has to do with how to improve your kettlebell clean and even your press?

Essentially the kettlebell is trying to arm wrestle you and take you into the same "broken arm position".

Which leads me to...

Why use a kettlebell when you can simply us a dumbbell or barbell for your strength training?

This is a common question I get when it comes to strength training with kettlebells.

The key difference between a kettlebell vs a dumbbell is the center of gravity and how the weight loads your body.

The kettlebell is what I call "a LIVE weight".


When you grab a dumbbell or barbell the weight actually sits in your hand compared to a kettlebell where by grabbing the handle the bell is actually away from your hand...

So every time you move the kettlebell either with a swing, clean, press, snatch or getup...

The weight/center of gravity is constantly changing. This constant change in center of gravity requires more muscle recruitment for stability.

You do not get the same response from a dumbbell or barbell and *THIS* is why it's best to use a kettlebell for your swings, snatches and mobility work. 

Let me explain...

When you hold the kettlebell in the rack position with your left arm, the center of gravity is actually trying to pull you to your left and out of the rack position plus...

The heavier the kettlebell is--the bigger the diameter of the bell.

The  result?

A greater change in the center of mass/gravity.

Fascinating isn't ?

You bet it is.

So there you have it.

To improve your kettlebell clean and even your press all you need to do is...

Imagine you're trying to "arm wrestle" the kettlebell to prevent yourself from being taken into the broken arm position.

Give this today's post a try and let me know how it goes.


  • Bryanna says:

    An ever-changing Center of gravity…no wonder the kettlebell gives us a bigger bang for our buck…very cool

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