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When Is Enough Weight Enough Weight?

So I just finished up the first round of our Deadlift Series 282 case study. So far in the last 12 months I've added 40kg (88 pounds) to my deadlift. With 30kg's (of the 40kg) coming in the last 6 months.

I definitely think I'm onto something.

You're probably wondering how I did it?


For one, I didn’t train like a powerlifter (I.e., doing assistance exercises, using a belts, straps, or wraps). Not that there’s anything wrong with powerlifting.

I’m just not trying to be a powerlifter but—I do want to build a bigger deadlift. So other than training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and strength training--

All I did was, focus on getting better at the deadlift--period.

... mastering my positioning

... studying program design from the brightest minds in strength sports.

So as a result of Deadlift Plan 282A my current 1RM is 290kg (639) and puts me on track for 317.5 (700) by the end of the year and once I get there, 800 and 900 will soon be in my sights.

When will enough be enough?

Will I even get there?

Who know's–it remains to be seen.

I do know that–once I have to start adding assistance exercises or other lifting
equipment--I’m done.

Like I said, I’m not trying to be a powerlifter. I’m just enjoying the ride for now. At the moment I have a crazy obsession with every process of the deadlift.

And what I've realized is that at the end of obsession is success. Only when you become completely obsessed with your goal is it actually achieve able (that goes for ANYTHING in life).

Other than BJJ--I can't stop thinking about the deadlift.

I think about:

  • My positioning prior to each lift, gripping the bar even the smell of chalk in the air.
  • I envision how the lift will feel at 600, 700, 800 and even 900 (Even though I'm not there... yet).
  • I even obsess about the programming. Always thinking of the number of lifts, percentages, average weight I'll be pulling, etc...
  • I envision the grind of each pull and greatly welcome it.

If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand 
~ Steve Harvey 

I literally think of every aspect of the deadlift--you can even ask my wife. I bet I drive her nuts with all the deadlift videos that I watch at the end of the day...LOL

Most of them my own deadlift videos.

Not that I'm watching my own videos because I'm a narcissist but rather for study. I video each and every pull I make.

Then, at the end of the day in bed on a full stomach...

... I watch and analyze each and every aspect from foot positioning, grip, head position, etc...

I do this especially if I had a rough day on the bar... if that's the case then something must have been off and I usually find "that something."

So when will enough weight be enough weight?

When the deadlift itself is no longer enough. You know...

One of the biggest and most over-looked aspects of improving and building a bigger deadlift is...


After all, strength *is* a skill much like martial arts.

A skill is something that can be learned and practiced. If that's the case then genetics will have very little impact on how successful you can be when it comes to building a bigger deadlift.

I can't say enough for mastering the actual skill of deadlifting before trying to add external resources like: a belt, assistance exercises, wraps or straps.

After all, if you're not skilled and strong enough to deadlift then...

What is there to assist?

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