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Avoid these 11 Progress-Destroying Blunders

[•] Do you have all the workout programs?

[•] Done all the research of what it takes to see progress?

[•] Have all the meal plans, templates, and macros...

... yet still on the same place after 6 months?

[•] Maybe you lost weight but you're not "leaner."

[•] Just a smaller, softer version of yourself?

Well... you're not alone.

Sup, dude...

It's Hector.

After a decade coaching in my gym -- 20 years in total between Jiu-Jitsu + personal training -- I noticed ~3% of men experience massive success in their health, relationships, and business / career.

What about the other 97%?

Well... as I looked back, I noticed a trend.

No matter how many workout programs.

Online courses and...

... meal plans they had at their finger tips.

They still lacked the consistency -- and singularity of focus -- to follow through. Plaguing their ability to create a more balanced life.

- So they can be more active with their kids.

- Have more time for themselves to do more of what they enjoy.

And most importantly...

... be at peace with what they see in the mirror. I sat down one Sunday afternoon in November at my favorite coffee shop here in Corpus.

Pealed back the layers of "WHY" men continue to struggle.

And wrote up a little something for ya.

Shedding light on -

11 Progress-Destroying Blunders men are making in their strength and fat loss efforts.

Based on "lessons learned" both personally and ~2 decades in the trenches teaching/coaching Jiu-Jitsu and strength training with kettlebells at my gym.

In the hopes...

... it would help men (and that means you) see progress, FASTER.

Be more consistent.

And live a more fulfilled -- and balanced -- life.

The end game?

To help you be more consistent and transform into the strongest version of yourselves so...

... you can show up as the man, husband, and father you've been called to be.

The best part?

These lessons aren't kettlebell or Jiu-Jitsu specific.

You can think of them more as, "principles..." you can apply to all aspects of your life.

Tidbits of higher level, strategic advice for men looking to live a more balanced life and have time for themselves.

If you'd like a free copy... you can grab one here >>>

Blunder #1: Reveals WHY men don't know who they can trust anymore. And shows the gruesome reality of surviving the ever confusing world of fitness is getting more complex and bleak by the day.

Leaving them high and dry to figure things out on their own.

Blunder #2: Peels back the scab on the self-inflicted wound too many men give themselves.

And why working out & following a particular eating strategy is pointless in it's presence leaving you trapped in the same place for another 6 months.

Blunder #3: Talks about how I was pissing in the wind for years hoping for a different result.

One week I’d knock out the latest and greatest “muscle-building” training split from a muscle -n- fitness mag or bodybuilding dot com. Only to come up short week after week.

Blunder #4: Shows you why you're not getting the same respect as your favorite movie villain like: Scarface, The Godfather, Darth Vader, Tyler Durden, and Pauli from Goodfellas.

And WHY... if you wanna see life-changing results like these men, you've gotta slice blunder #4 from your life.

Blunder #5: Is not entirely your fault BUT... it's the silent killer hiding in the shadows slowly devouring your strength and fat loss efforts.

It's likely the reason men and women's hormones are jacked... causing them to gain weight and lose muscle at the same time.

Blunder #6: Sheds light on the ONE THING you're doing to self-sabotage yourself after 6-12 weeks of solid effort.

Making it harder and harder to get back on track. In the end... creating resentment towards exercise and food.

Blunder #7: Leaves you feeling overwhelmed and breeds a steaming pile of anxiety.

And how to use one of Jocko Willink's principles of Extreme Ownership to breakthrough so you can be more consistent with your efforts.

Blunder #8: Is the common denominator of all strongmen who fail to lead their family with strength and confidence because they're trying to balance too many plates at one time.

It leaves you feeling tired as hell, constantly licking your wounds, and completely out of balance.

Blunder #9: Leads you to some of the darkest progress-destroying parts of the mind to drown you in deep waters. It shows why a man gaining control over his mind has been the #1 goal of all successful men.

Blunder #10: Has probably lead more men to divorce than anything else as a result of not being welcomed into the male world by older men -- leaving them emotionally unavailable to their wife.

It can be the MOST DAMAGING wound of to all men. And through them... their children.

Blunder #11: Leads to unnecessary failures, wasted time, money down the train, and more emotional pain. It keeps men from transforming into the man, husband, and father they've been called to be.

And addresses what men REALLY WANT.

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Chat soon.

hec g.