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The One Remaining Standing When I Die

"I am not I."

I am this one

walking beside me, whom I do not see,

Whom at times I manage to visit,

And at other times I forget.

The one who forgives, sweet, when I hate,

The one who remains silent when I walk,

The one who takes a walk when I am indoors,

The one who will remain standing when I die.

Sup, dude...

It's Hector

Above is a poem written in 1973 by Spanish poet Juan Ramon Jimenez -- Translated by Robert Bly.

It's about, "the shadow."

Your shadow.

My shadow.

The person you don't see who's running the show -- and influencing your actions behind the scenes.

It got me thinking this morning wanted to share my thoughts -- hope it's helpful.

The one remaining standing when I die

The shadow is your subconscious

Your soul.

It's the one whom remains silent when you talk.

The one taking walks when you're indoors.

The one whom will remain standing when you die.

Men are disconnected from their soul.

Disconnected from their emotions, their spirit, their religion -- yes you are a religious person.

Who else can you think of that was disconnected from his soul?

From his shadow.

Who flew above his wounds and didn't want to face himself?

The person which came to mind when I read this was, Peter Pan. In the beginning of the cartoon he's looking for his shadow.

He's looking to reconnect with himself.

The dark side of himself.

Reconnect to the person whom would ground him in his masculinity.

Even though he "didn't want to grow up."

His soul was still calling him.

Calling him to his descent.

Men struggle with consistency with their goals -- whether biz, fitness, or relationships.

Not because they "lack time."

"Don't know where to start."

"Limited on money."

This is surface level circumstance.

Men have been "stuck" and "lost" for centuries because they're no longer connected with their soul.

Their trust was betrayed at some point in their life...

... causing them to suppress their emotions, thoughts, and feelings.

The result is numbness in their chest.

And today, our women & society are paying the ultimate price. The only way to be consistent in your life.

To create balance between work, family, and personal alone time so you can develop yourself and...

... lead your family from a place of strength and not from a place of fear.

Is to reconnect with your dark twin.

Your shadow.

To face yourself.

So how do you do that?

A post for another day 🙂

Appreciate you reading.

hec g.

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