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3 Things to do When You Can’t Stick to a Training Routine

Friend, LIFE IS TOUGH and sometimes it gets in the way. As much as you'd like, sometimes you just can't stick to a regular training routine.

Be it, strength training with your kettlebells or Jiu-Jitsu.

The last 2 weeks ( it was only supposed to be one week but, such is life) I've been on daddy duty. We had our minions in a kids summer camp but, it was somehow cut short by a week.

Since I'm the one with the flexible schedule -- guess who got to stay home ALL day during the week and take care of the kids... 

... This Guy!

I'm not complaining, but guess what went out the window?


My normal training routine, nutrition, and getting "business stuff" done.

I had pretty much set in my mind, I wasn't gonna be very productive when it came to running the gym, writing my email & blog subscribers  (this is my 2nd post in 2 weeks), and sticking to my training routine.

And guess what?

It's totally fine.

Sometimes life happens and when it does, here are 3 things you need to regroup and grab life by the short hairs... 

#1: WASH IT OFF and have fun!

Maybe it's the man above telling you to take a "small break".

In my case, I'm going to enjoy the time I have with my kids. The past two weeks we've slept in, made pancakes, played cars,  "school" (where I was a kid again), and when the kids took their nap --  guess what I did?

You're probably thinking, I took advantage and did some writing, planned my next videos, etc... right?


I played MLB19: The Show on Play Station for 3 hours, LOL!

At first I felt guilty since I wasn't "hustling and grinding" like the world says I need to be doing 24/7.  But man did it feel good to DO NOTHING!

#2: Dial your nutrition in!

When your routine is throw to a pack of blood-thirsty wolves, it's time to hammer down on your eating habits. There's no reason you can't stay consistent in this department.

Here's what I've seen happen...

When people can't make it to the gym or Jiu-Jitsu regularly -- they flush their healthy eating habits down the toilet.

"Well, I didn't make it to the gym, I might as well eat whatever the hell I want and start over on Monday".


Don't do that.

Look, I know it's challenging.

I struggle with it at times just like you but, we should be able to stay consistent 80% of the time (which is 6 out of 7 days).

Buckle down and dial your nutrition in, you're an adult for crying out loud.

Cut your carbs back.

Just because we miss a workout, doesn't mean we should throw out our nutrition as well. Cut those carbs back baby!

#3: Switch to 10-15 minute "Workout snacks"

I know you're busy, however, you have 10 minutes!

If you can't stick to your normal 30 minute kettlebell workout -- you can fit in 10 minutes. In fact, did you know 3 ten minute workouts is the same or more effective as a full on 30 minute workout?!

You bet your last dollar it is!

For a couple reasons:

  1. Less stress on the body:  Working out is stress. It's a good stress but it's stress non the less. Breaking up a 30 minute session into 3 bite size workout snacks -- minimizes the stress on your body. Plus it's easier to stay consistent with it.

  2. It's quality: You can maintain a good intensity and effort for 10 minutes.  Especially if you're trying to get back in shape. For some people, 30 minutes in one sitting is too much. But 10 minutes?  You can handle that and, a few 10 minute sessions add up quick.

You've got 10 minutes my friend.

It will take longer to drive to Whataburger and get food to-go.

So there you have it...

3 Things to do When You Can’t Stick to a Training Routine

✅ #1: Wash it off and have fun!
✅ #2: Dial in your nutrition!
✅ #3: Switch to 10-15 minutes "Workout Snacks"

If you can relate to this post, drop me a comment below!

🥋 Hec