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The ONE THING stopping you from wild success

So often we look at our life or a fitness program we're thinking of starting and attribute a LOT of things to our lack of success...

No time...
No recipes/meal plans...
No coaching or support...

Do these play a role in your success?

100% they do.

But these are FURTHER down the road from... 

The #1 thing I see choke the life from men trying to build a body (and life) they can be proud of...

... and do better than "getting by"... and keeping them from experiencing any type of real freedom.

It's your limiting thoughts.

Hear me out...

We know this:

Our thoughts create our emotions.
Our emotions create our actions.
And actions yield results, for better or for worse.

Some of the common thoughts I see from men (and women) are...

I don't have the time.
I don't know where to start.
I lack confidence and fear I'll injure myself, again.
When I have more ______ then I’ll be able to do _____.

I don’t think I’m destined to have above avg. physical strength.

The list is long.

Once you have this awareness, you can begin to choose your thoughts. Instead of trapping yourself in the vortex of "I don't know where to start," ... you hire a coach to show you the path.

Instead of repeating the story "I don’t have the time/I don’t know where to start or I'm too old".

You say SOMETHING else to start owning your voice.

There's always a different story or thought we can choose.

One which catapults you forward... rather than shackling you to a ball & chain and compounding fear & doubt.

Even when I'm doing the biggest, scariest things in my life... like stepping into new territory... the thoughts I CHOOSE are:

I've got this.
I can figure anything out.
I’m a divine creator & have a history of creating something from nothing.

How different would life be if you chose thoughts which actually served you?

You'd have new found excitement... drive and determination for your life, health, and family. You'd take massive action instead of sitting paralyzed.

You'd experience wildly different results... because of the new thought you chose.

Let's play a game.

Drop a comment below and tell me... what thought you've been CHOOSING which hasn’t been serving you?

And... what thought(s) are you going to choose instead?

If you aren't sure, I'm happy to support you with this.

I can't wait to help you move past this massive barrier... if... you're up for the challenge.

hec g.

P.S. Even if life is rocking for you... you can apply this process to any area of life from health to relationships to finance and more.

Give it a shot!

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