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Why Some Men See Extraordinary Results and Others Don’t 🤔

Ever stumble across a guy who seems to barely workout out and yet —

😳 is in good shape.

😃 he looks athletic.

🤨 has good muscle tone.

😋 and even indulges in his favorite goodies often.

Frustrating, right?

I mean, he works out less than you do, enjoys yummy foods, and sees better results — what’s up with that?

After several conversations with potential students — I’ve notice one common theme.

They’re committed, working hard, but AREN’T seeing the results they’d envisioned.

They blindly hop from one workout program to the next because they’re not sure where to go after completing a specific program.

They’re concerned and not sure WHY their body doesn’t reflect their hard work.

The TRUTH is this guy is better than you at ONE THING.


What is this mythical creature?

And how is it helping these relatively inexperienced guys who workout less than you — see extraordinary results while working out less and not giving up foods they love?

I’m glad you asked! 🙂

I define “STRATEGY” as a long term treasure map to your desired destination.

It covers the “how to’s” in great detail and is not reliant on specific training methods.

This guarantees you’re getting, seeing, and feeling results on auto-pilot.

When you do this right—not only will you look and feel good—you’ll also be able to wake up feeling great, jump [and not crawl] out of bed, no longer feel weak, stiff, overworked, and broken the next morning.

As a result - a hyper-effective STRATEGY is the difference between burnout and perpetual progress — with less effort.

It's your responsibility to build a STRATEGIC plan based on a proven system to see results on tap — while being able to workout less and enjoy your favorite foods.

Examples strategies include:

  • Pairing the right food sources in the right quantity with the right energy system based on your workouts — so you can enjoy your favorite carbs (YES, CARBS) and still see results.
  • Knowing the next step to take in the "strength cycle” — to ensure you recover FASTER, stay lean, build strength, and look like you’re athletic.
  • How to integrate the mobility and flexibility pieces into your workout WITHOUT spending 20+ minutes on “movement prep” — so you can spend more time getting stronger and building muscle in less time — WITHOUT stretching.
  • Master the balancing act with your strength and endurance work so you’re not robbing your strength to improve endurance or robbing your endurance to build strength and size.

But these tactical pieces are just one part of the puzzle.

For a strategy to even work — you’ll need:

  • A proven system to support your strategy — so you can be more consistent by following a less is more approach.
  • To become the type of person who can achieve their goals and build on them.
  • The right tools in place to get in shape, anytime, anywhere regardless if you’re in a time crunch.
  • To create clear and concise goals and know how to align your actions with what you say you want.
  • A decisive mindset and NOT rely on “talking to your spouse” to relieve you of the responsibility of making a decision — Men who know what they want are seeing extraordinary results because they're DECISIVE.

These are just the tip of the ice berg.

I know what you’re thinking… “But Hector, can’t I just eat less and move more — that’s basically what it comes down to, right?”

I’m sorry to say, if you follow this “strategy” you’re gonna lose EVERYDAY dude and — remain stuck where you’re at while you keep flushing your hard earned cash down the toilet.

Here’s the truth — the state of fitness today is ABSOLUTELY confused.

And it’s only gonna become more complicated by 2020.

If anything, STRATEGY is gonna be exponentially more critical and is the ONE THING you can rely on to see results on auto-pilot.

If you’ve been working out for any amount of time — this can be hard to accept.

Or if you’re just getting back into the swing of things (no pun intended) — this can be overwhelming to take on another skill set and STRATEGY is certainly a skill set.

The good new is…

… Starting December 1st — I’m re-opening my 90-day coaching program — Better Man Blueprint.

That’s gonna teach you everything you need to know about how to craft your very own STRATEGY to get back in shape, look better, feel better, and gain back time…

… so you can spend it where it counts like — spending time with & leading your family and doing things you enjoy and not be a slave to a gym.

The program is the blueprint of how I’ve been able to get in great shape and rebuild my body after intense abdominal surgery within 6 months — spending less than 2 hours per week in the gym.

It’s different from anything you’ve tried and what my competitors are teaching like…

... random high intensity and testosterone-destroying workouts masked as “functional training”.

… unrepeatable fitness challenges which serve no other purpose than to get you tired and minimize recovery… and make the results tough to duplicate.

Ultimately leaving you feeling defeated, drained, overworked, and spinning your wheels trying to guess, “what next?”.

This is why my men get these kinda results:

  • Malcolm is managing his stress and anxiety — has more time to be an amazing father to his kids and a more present husband to his wife.
  • In less than 3 months, Bill is crushing his goals, pants are literally falling off his waist, and he’s leading his family more efficiently by delegating chores instead of trying to do everything on his own.
  • Matt, is moving better and stronger — WITHOUT constant knee pain and is back to doing full body weight pistols squats without assistance and WITHOUT stretching.
  • Rob is see more muscle, less stressed, and being a more supportive husband to his wife and is now helping her with her fitness goals based on what he’s learned.

If these are the kinda results you want — let’s talk.

I've opened a few slots on my calendar for a Break-Free Strategy Call -- totally FREE.

Look man, If you want to FINALLY see the fruits of your hard work in the mirror, how you feel, and no longer hid your body… 

You’ve gotta learn what works and what’s repeatable — so you can be more consistent with your goals and…

… avoid the painful feeling of working hard and NOT seeing the results you envisioned.

Talk soon.

Hec G.

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