The Inescapable Vortex - Strong As Hec

"This fear is the most painful of all six basic fears. It probably plays more havoc with the body and mind than any of the other basic fears, as it often leads to PERMANENT INSANITY." ~ Napoleon Hill

If you asked a man what he fears most... his ego would say.

"I ain't afraid of ANYTHING!"

But if you monitor his actions––and listen to his speech––they paint a different picture.

[+] "Let me think about it."

[+] "I'm gonna pray about it."

[+] "I need to talk to my wife first."

A man of indecision lives in a constant state of FEAR.

How so?

By NOT making decisions or "changing his mind" quickly after the decision has been made... fear begins to germinate.

The first sign is a lack of confidence after years of breaking TRUST with himself.

When a man fails to follow through with what he said he would do...

... he breaks TRUST with himself and lives life out of integrity.

As a result... he gets good at losing and lives life in fear.

... and by consequence of living in fear... men live a life of indecision.

Creating an...

Inescapable Vortex

Toxic Cycle, Inescapable vortex

You see...

Indecision is the root cause of man's problems.

It's also the same cause keeping him from SOLVING his problems. As a result of his thoughts –– for his lack of decision making –– he begins to tell himself stories about himself.

(... stories which are not based in reality.)

Those stories conclude in a belief about himself. And it's this belief he holds of himself... which creates his problem.

This is where the "fun" begins for him.

Because he fails to make decisions. He WON'T make the critical decision to solve the problem which has been created by his stories.

Trigging the next thought, story, belief, and problem cycle.

I call this the 'Inescapable Vortex.'

(... and if you stay in it long enough... it leads to uncontrollable RAGE.)

The SOULution?

I'm a man of simplicity.

Here's what you gotta do.

You ready?


Another life lesson I've learned on the mat. Jiu-Jitsu is an art of REACTION (based on repeated prompt decisions).

There is no "let me think about it" or "let me talk to my wife first" or "I'm gonna pray about it and get back to you."

Your training partner will not tolerate INDECISION!

Saulo Ribero said it best...

"When you think, you're late. When you're late you muscle. When you muscle you get tired. When you get tired... YOU DIE!"

On the mat you have to make PROMPT DECISIONS.

From there the only option is to ADAPT to your partners REACTION and keep going.

That's life.

If you've been living a life of indecision.

Start by making prompt decisions in the small things.

This will carry over to the big things which have a great impact on your life, your family, and community as a whole.


I'm pullin' for ya.

hec "make decisions" g.