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The Greatest Lesson From The Past Month

Dude... the world has changed in a matter of weeks since last month. Coronavirus has spread like the wind... almost crippling the entire globe, and small businesses are dropping like flies.  In our lifetimes, we’ve never encountered anything like this.

Nothing which posed such imminent threat with such urgency anyway.

In it’s wake of destruction…

... COVID-19 has shut down travel, major industries, venues, schools, and... businesses large and small.

Its impact will haunt generations to come.

Both for those who’ve lost loved ones and the financial health of the world as well. Uncertain times lead to panic and fear.

Forcing our hands to make emotional decisions from a place of panic and fear.

You and I both know… decisions based on emotion are never the best, most rational ones.

In times of fear, most people pull back.

They retreat.

People don’t like uncertainty because it violates the TOP need all humans have… 

... the need to know they’re ok.
... Their survival isn’t at stake.
... Their hard work isn’t going to go up in flames in a matter of weeks...

leaving them with nothing.

If you’re reading this today, look at what your life's like right now.

Are you sitting in a warm home with food?
Do you have everything you need?

If so, and you’ve got loved ones close by, remind yourself right now… you are ok. And you'll be ok through this and come out STRONGER on the other side.

Because this too will pass… even if the days are beginning to feel long.

We're a species of adaptation and have the power to over come any challenge.


I wanna ask you, friend…  what can I do for you to make your life healthier, stronger, and better today?

Drop a comment below or send me a DM here.

Hec G.