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Seek the 80% In Your Strength Training

It's very common to see (thanks to social media) people testing their absolute strength i.e., their one rep max (1RM) on a monthly and even a weekly basis.

Getting stupid-strong is REALLY fun, so fun that, you will try to test yourselves by seeking your limits a little too often.

(Btw, if you constantly seek your limits -- you will find them)

Testing your absolute strength is a sport specific skill.

Meaning -- it's specific to the strength sports e.g., powerlifting, weightlifting, strongman, etc...

It's not for everyone.

If you're not training for these competitive events -- constantly trying to increase your absolute strength every plan, workout, or session --  is not essential.

Instead look to increase your 80% strength -- which correlates to approx. 5-8 rep max.

Through data and experience, this is where TRUE strength is built.

Getting laser focused on moving "the 80% needle",  you will increase your absolute strength by default.

E.g., let's say you test your 1RM early in the year and deadlift 405 and your 5RM is 350.

If you increase your 5RM to 365 -- I can say with all confidence -- you've increased your 1RM or, at least able to take 405 for a double. 

Not only will this approach make training more enjoyable for you -- it will also bulletproof your body -- keeping you healthy.

And the healthier you are -- the more you can train to sustain your results.


P.S. If your not sure how to increase your 80% strength -- I wrote an article on a  4-step strength development process to build your deadlift, press or squat  and still maintain your kettlebell skills.

>>> You can check it out here.

I managed to bump up my 5 rep max in the barbell front squat from 190-205 pounds and I am only one week into Strength Plan 001!

Mark L. Strength Coach, SFG II

Following Strength Plan 001, I increased my 5RM by 20 lbs. in four weeks time. If you're a beginning, intermediate or advanced lifter and want to safely and effectively increase your deadlift, I highly recommend working with Hector for your strength coaching and programming needs. He’s very experienced, knowledgeable, helpful and passionate about making people strong.

Nicole D. Owner, BodyStrong by Nicole / SFG Instructor