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How to Increase Mobility with 4 Simple Steps

I just released my latest kettlebell technique  on how you can increase mobility using only one kettlebell. I like to refer to this series as weighted yoga... or yoga with weights 😉

In today's technique we will be reverse engineering a phenomenal  exercise called the Bent Press. The Bent Press is an old time strongman lift that you've probably seen performed in the circus.

In my honest opinion the Bent Press is the purest expression of strength, mobility, and flexibility. 

It is a high level skill that must be practiced. 


One doesn't simple just start bent pressing. It is a skill that must be practiced frequently.

It's kinda like learning to play a sport like baseball (which is the greatest sport of all time) or playing a musical instrument.

So today I will show you how to increase mobility, flexibility, and even gain a little muscle by regressing the Bent Press into any easy to follow series. 

Proficiency in the getup is highly recommended before getting started. If you need help in the getup, I highly encourage you to seek out a qualified coach that is certified in the StrongFirst system.

Step 1: Setup

We will be starting from the half kneeling position. You can start on your back then transition through the first couple of steps of the getup. From half kneeling use two hands and perform and assisted clean to bring the bell over-head .

Step 2: The Hinge

Next you will begin to hinge from the hip, sit your butt back towards the heel of your foot. This will position your center of mass (your hips) directly under the bell and give you better leverage. Keeping your eyes on the bell slide your hand from your thigh to the floor.

Step 3: Crooked Arm Bar

The crooked arm bar is great for opening the chest (thoracic spine), stretching the shoulder and engaging the lat. From half kneeling windmill, turn your palm towards your face, and actively pull the kettlebell down slightly behind your back. Be sure to breathe

Step 4: The Wedge

Lastly we will begin wedge ourselves between the kettlebell and the floor. The goal is to have the working arm (arm supporting the bell)locked out before the non-working arms elbow touches the floor.

Repeat this movement 3-5 times with a light-medium sized kettlebell.

I recommend adding this to your practice at least 1-2 times per week. Especially before any exercises that require you to go overhead e.g., pull-up, snatch, press, and jerk. 

The greater our ability to access thoracic rotation and extension, the safer and stronger we will be during exercise but, more importantly the greater our quality of life will be.

After all, that is why we stay in shape, at least that's why I do it. 

As a busy dad of 2, I want to be able to play with my kids without getting tired and play catch with my son without worrying if I might hurt my shoulder

That's why I train.

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