Our Shrunken Kingdom - Strong As Hec

Our Shrunken Kingdom

When a circus buys an elephant, they shackle it to a stake and drive that stake deep into the ground. No matter how hard this defenseless baby elephant pulls to get away… it cannot pull the stake from the ground—it’s trapped.

This little guy pulls again the next day, the day after that, and the day after that, and ----> NOTHING.

The result?

Defeat, disappoint, despair, the painful feeling of loneliness, and being TRAPPED.

(Feeling trapped and lonely are the worst feelings EVER)

Time goes by and this baby elephant is full grown—he’s HUGE!

He now possesses the strength and power to not only pull the stake from the ground… but also to rampage and destroy full buildings if he so chooses.

But something sad happens.

He never tries to pull, again.

This now fully grown, amazing creation of God is being held down by something which can no longer hold it back.

But, it doesn’t have the brain capacity or risk tolerance to pull again because… what’s the point?

The result will be the same.



All he remembers is the feeling of defeat, disappointment, loneliness, and entrapment.

So he avoids those pains all together.

What's crazy is, the circus owner no longer bothers to use the stake and literally ties a small rope around the elephants neck.

And you know what?

It WON’T move because of the perception it’s being held down and staked to the ground.


From the day you were born a stake was driven in the ground and chained around your neck.

This stake is your limiting belief system and it wreaks havoc on you each day causing internal resistance.

As with the baby elephant, so it is with men.

As men, we look at our lives and see three things.

1️⃣ The place where we are now.

2️⃣ The place where we wanna be.

3️⃣ The imaginary stake in the ground, holding us back.

 Insanely… the shackle and stake aren't “REAL”.

They feel real, but are a delusion.

We can see to the other side of where we wanna be.

We can envision how much better our lives could be, if only we were strong enough, smart enough, and bold enough to take the first step.

 And so we live our days walking in slow circles.

Chained to our shrunken kingdom.

Because we believe the stories we’re telling ourselves based on our previous experiences.

😏 "I’m not strong enough.”

😒 “I’m fat and don’t belong.”

🥺 “I don’t what my goals should be."

🧐 “When I have more time and money I’ll change”.

😕 “I’ll figure it out on my own & when I’m ready, I’ll move forward”.

😤 “Anytime I attack my goals I always get hurt, what’s the point?!”

You swear the shackle and stake is solid, unbreakable, hell... in your mind it’s probably as immovable as the hammer of Thor itself and you don't feel like the worthy one to remove it.

But in truth… it’s precariously thin and weak, like a flimsy piece of thread hanging off the end of your sleeve.

 All you gotta do is look up and move forward. Putting one step in front of the other towards what you desire.

 Once you do… The thread snaps as soon as the strong frame God gave you imposes its power and will against it.

 ANYTHING about your life can be changed in a moment. Your body, your passions, your business, your marriage, your legacy... can be reborn instantly, at any moment.

Everything is hanging in the balance.

Will you tip it in your favor... or toward your demise?

Where can you noticed in your life… you’ve allowed your stories to hold you back from stepping into your most power self… shackling your potential legacy to the ground?

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Hec G.