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It’s Not Time You Lack, It’s…

"Time" is often the objection we give for why we haven't taken action on our soul goals. Why we haven't been able to find balance between work, family, and alone time so when can work on our passions.

On the surface this seems like a legit objection.

Doing the wife thing, the kids things, and advancing in your career/biz does soak up a bit of time.

But then again, we're ALL busy, right?

So why do some guys figure it out and others don't?

I'll sum it up in one word...


That's right.

It's not time men lack, it's COURAGE.

Follow me for a second.

Men lack the courage to tell their wife they need to workout. That it’s a priority and... they’re carving out a certain amount of hours each week to do that.

They lack courage to tell her they need alone time. We end up having these battle lines with our wives where... there’s certain things we don’t do—or say—because we know it’s gonna create conflict and stress.

The result?

Men end up leading a life of avoidance.

"The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation"

~ David Henry Thoreau

A common quote from Thoreau often taken out of context from his book, Walden: or life in the woods.

It’s not made to be taken pessimistically. Instead... his book is about an experiment he made of his own life.

Where he lived in a cabin out in the wild near Walden Pond, Massachusetts.

The book advocates solitude.



Proximity to nature, and renouncing luxuries as a means of overcoming human emotional and cultural difficulties.

What does today's message and Thoreau's story have to do with you?

Well -

Thoreau suggests, men *possess the power* to stop leading lives of desperation and improve their condition.

The Walden experiment was initiated by the conviction that... there is no need to go on living in desperation, quiet or not.

Unfortunately... this is not the way men live their lives.

Instead we live a life of avoidance...

by NOT having the difficult conversations with their wife. And soon lead a life of quiet desperation.

As the years flow...

We find ourselves operating not from a place of, “what conversations are going to bring her and I together?”

(so we can co-create the empire)

It becomes, “what do I need to do/say—or not say—to keep the peace?”

It’s not time you lack.


It takes courage to have this conversation.

Even if you know it’s gonna rock the boat... so you can make the changes you need to make.

If you're at a loss of where to even start. When it comes to taking back control of your life—getting your power back—and...

how to have that tough conversation with the wife.

I've open a few slots on my calendar to chat and... see if I can help you establish the right strategy to get in shape, move like you did in your 20's, and create balance in your day.

So you can be more present with the wife and kids... while still having time for yourself.

There's a gang of better men and I pullin' for ya my friend.

hec g.

P.S. - I've got ~7 spots open on my calendar as of writing this (they fill up fast), let me know what time works for you and we'll make it happen.

Chat soon.