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“Asymmetrical Bells” for the Win!

It's been a while since I've posted a workout here on the Ol' blog. But I think this one will help address "several things".  In today's post I'm gonna show you how to leverage "asymmetrical bells" for a great workout sesh.

I've had several readers and customers reach out to me after purchasing (or downloading) one of my programs asking what to do if they don't have the same size kettlebells?


"Asymmetrical Bells" is the answer!

This is a concept I learned from Pavel and his book, "Return of the Kettlebell".

Inside he covers the double kettlebell press using asymmetrical bell sizes.

Why two different sizes?

  1. It's great as a skill practice (you should always strive to improve your skills). The goal is to get the bells to move at the same rate regardless of size.

    Both during the ballistic phase (swing, clean, or snatch) and in the grind phase (strict over-head press).
  2. It's great for when you literally only have 2 different size bells.

A killing of two birds with one stone and who doesn't like that?

Workout details:

Ideally you want to choose a pair of bells that differ in size by 100%.

E.g., 10/20kg, 12/24kg, and 16/32kg

You get the idea.

Don't choose bells too close in size.

E.g., 10/12kg or 16/18kg -- make sense?


The workout:

  • Set a timer for 20 minutes.
  • Complete as many sets of 5 possible with GREAT form.
  • Switch bells every set and be sure to track your completed sets. 
  • The following week, aim to complete more sets in the same 20 minutes.



Let me know how goes!