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12 Rules for A More Well-Rounded Life

Wanna set a STRONG example for your wife, kids, and community? If so. Here are 12 rules for a more well-rounded life -- So you can transform into the man your wife can't keep her hands off of.

These are 12 proven rules I’ve learned from -- the hard way -- and how YOU can... dodge my mistakes by adding them to your life right now and elevate your life to the next level.

  1. Block and schedule your time: Stop winging it when it comes to your workouts, eating, and when you’re gonna spend time with your wife and kids.

    *We make time for what's important*

  2. Practice positive self-talk: You don’t get what you want, you get what you’re committed to. You must retrain your thoughts to become the kinda person who attracts wild success.

  3. Study and practice your faith:  Invest and equal amount of time in your faith as you do in the gym and doing "guy stuff."

  4. Have your wife’s back: As much as you love them, DO NOT let your kids come between you and your wife. They WILL try to divide you. After God, your spouse is your #1 priority, then your children.

  5. Get out of your comfort zone: Challenge yourself once per year and do something completely out of your comfort zone. Whether it’s working out, eating better, or learning Jiu-Jitsu.

  6. Celebrate your wins: It’s easy to get trapped in the doom and gloom of each day. Take a moment to identify 3 quick wins in your day.

  7. Build alliances: Surround yourself with other men ahead of where you’re at in the journey. Cut ruthless and negative people -- who only want to take from you -- out of your life.

  8. Stop being a fucking guy: It’s ok to show and share emotion. Bottling this stuff up so you can come off as a "tough guy" is poison, trust me bro.

  9. Be lazy once per week: Give yourself permission to NOT do anything once per week. No training, indulge in ice cream, and watch Cobra Kai.

    I’m the worst at this but, but when I do — I enjoy the crap out of doing NOTHING (ask my wife).

  10. [REALLY] Listen to your wife more: Through experience, I believe anything my wife tells me are words straight from God. This can be tough to do, but trust me... your life will be better and more well-rounded.

  11. Become a strategic investigator: Speaking of your wife, ironically, please know whatever she tells you about how she’s feeling is a damn lie. Dig more.

    There's ALWAYS MORE and it’s usually 10x worse from her point of view.

    She’s also saying you need to help cook healthier meals with her. And of course the FAST answer should be “NO” — without taking a second to look at her 😉

    If she asks you if, "she looks fat," it means she’s disgusted with her body and wishes you'd watch the kids more often so she could get her workout in and have some time to herself.

  12. Grow the hell up: Learn how to freaking cook man, come on bruh.

    Do your own laundry, and clean up around the house.

    Believe me, nothing turns your wife on more than coming home to food cooked, the kids in bed, and an empty sink (ask me how I know).

And there ya have it.

12 rules for a more well-rounded life.

Adding anyone one of these will instantly boost the quality of your life.

And elevate you into a BETTER MAN status!

What do you think of this list?

Care to add anything?

If so, drop a comment and let me know.

Later gator.


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