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2 Things You *DO NOT Need More of*

Today as a parent, there is no shortage of distractions:

- work
- school
- kids crying (and messing with each other)
- Facebook
- Instagram
- YouTube (My weakness)

You name it -- especially in the fitness world.

With the advancement of technology, there's SO much dang [conflicting] information on the interwebz in 2019 -- how do you know what or who to trust?

Today I want to share with you:

2 Things You Do Not Need More of to Hulk Smash Your Goals in 2019...


More meal plans, "meal ideas", and recipes.

These will not get you where you need to be -- in fact -- all they will do is distract you from the work you have in front of you.

Sure, if you don't have a plan and you're not sure where to start

... a recipe, meal plan, or 5-10 day challenge/kickstart can come in handy and maybe even point you in the right direction.

But, it will not get you to your ultimate destination especially -- if long term results are what you're looking for (i.e., a lifestyle change).


More random workouts, more HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) training, and random challenges:

More is not better, it's just "more".

From this day forward think of "random workouts" as the equivalent of eating soup with a fork

... it will keep you busy but, eventually you'll go hungry.

The problem with random workouts is -- the absence of strategy and progression -- stopping your results dead in their tracks.

(Leading to more stress and frustration)

Instead here's 2 things you *MUST* do -- if results are important to you...


Find a proven strategy and principle based system: 

A principle based system has stood the test of time, doesn't rely on ONE methodology, and produces results week after week & month after month.

Best thing about a system?

It's repeatable!

Once you have a system in place -- DO NOT deviate from it by getting side tracked by the newest shiny object like:

❌ Other random recipes

❌ More energy-draining workouts and

❌ Unrepeatable 30 day fitness challenges.


Trust the process: 

Focus on the work you have in front of you because -- it's been proven to work.

Imagine this...

You hire a coach to help you get back in shape so you can take back control of your life.

They provide you with --

[1.] A proven step-by-step plan.

[2.] Coaching, support, and accountability.

[3.] Surround you with a tribe of kickass peeps on the same journey as you.

But, you keep getting distracted by random workouts, Pinterest posts, Instagram, 30 day kettlebell swing or push-up challenges, etc...

Which do you think you can really trust to see and feel real results from?

Random social media posts?

Or the coach with a proven track record whom you've hired and built a relationship with?

My money would be on the coach you hired.

Because your coach has been there, done that, and made all the mistakes.

When you hire a coach you're investing in "speed".

You're leveraging their knowledge, wisdom, and expertise so you can avoid the pains of making the same mistakes.


If you continue to seek out random "stuff" from social media -- all you'll get more of is:

  • Uncertainty
  • Bad information
  • More costly mistakes
  • Unnecessary stress and failures

And worse...

you'll fall down "the greased slide" of seeking the next recipe, the next workout, the next 10 day challenge

... the next
... the next
... the next.

Stay diligent my friend y confía en el proceso (trust the process).

If you can relate ...

... and are done with the random "recipe" and "workout" roller coster and are ready to take your life to the next level.

And I assume YOU ARE because you've read to the end of this long ass post... 

Join me for my free live training tonight @ 6p PST / 8p CST / 9p EST!

Where I'll reveal My 5 step formula to get back in shape to reclaim your power and masculinity as a man.

Hope to see you then!

Gotta run.

🥋 Hec