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How To Prep For The Deadlift

I've been playing around with different flows and ways to prep for the deadlift lately. This is one of the best one's I've come up with that has had the most carry over to my deadlift in terms of preparation and performance.

What wires together, fires together, and how getting a better understanding of facial slings will improve your deadlift

If you removed your skin, you'll notice that all of your muscles are connect in an "X" fashion.

 E.g., y​​​​our left lat is connected to your right hip and your right lat is connected your left hip through your thoracolumbar fascia (the white connective tissue between your lats and your glutes).

Today's flow will not only get these muscles to fire together, it will also allow you to safely build a bigger deadlift. 

Prep For The Deadlift

Todays flow is put together from the Ground Force Method System and all of the postures will be from prone and will target the muscles responsible for safely executing the deadlift.

The Deadlift prep Flow

  • check
    Lower body half segmented rolls
  • check
    Supine sphinx with diaphragmatic breathing 
  • check
    Cobra with diaphragmatic breathing
  • check
    4 point crawling
  • check
    Push-up > Roof

Movement with a purpose 

The order in which I put this flow together is inline with how we learned to move as a toddler. If you think about it... kids move with a very distinct purpose.

For instance, the first thing a child does is built the strength in there neck by controlling their head. This is actually their first attempts at strength training.

Think about it for a second, a new born baby's head is about 2/3 of their body weight. That would be like you and I walking around with a 50 pound football helmet on our head.

Once they learn how to control that big noggin of theirs, they use it to roll over... how?


You see, eventually something catches their attention which provokes them to reach for what ever it was that intrigued them and the weight of their head pulls them over.

Pretty cool, eh?

They eventually learn to crawl to get to said object... again, movement with a purpose.

So in today's flow, we'll follow the same developmental sequence (more or less).

Rolling, weight barring on the forearms, pushing up to a cobra, crawling, and eventually pushing up.

Give this little flow a try the next time you prep for the deadlift, I'm currently going through a new deadlift series and once I started to add this flow, the weights began to shoot up even faster.

If you have any comments, questions, or would like to share how you prep for the deadlift, feel free to leave a comment below.

Talk soon.