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SAH Hypertrophy Snatch Workout

I'm excited to share today's snatch workout with you. This is the new program I'll be going into myself. I call it the SAH Hypertrophy (fancy name for muscle building) Plan. It's a "serial-circuit" protocol.


... you'll be performing two exercises (snatch and push-up) in a "circuit". 

Each exercise will be broken down into a "series".

What's a series?

A series is a group of sets paired together and a circuit is a group of exercises paired together, hence the name "serial-circuit".

Lets dive in...

Intermediate kettlebell'er:

Choose a bell you can snatch explosively 20-25 times each side. This will be roughly 30% of your bodyweight (round up or down).

But if you're a 

Beginner kettlebell'er:

Here's the bells size I recommend.

Gentlemen: 16-20kg
Ladies: 8-12kg

You'll also need a stop watch.

Here's how this is gonna go down...

I made an amendment since the beta test and publish of the *video above*.  We figured out how to trim the session down -- WITHOUT creating too much lactate but maintain the integrity of the plan intact.

Using your stop watch -- when the clock hits 0:00, snatch for 24 seconds (12 snatches) on your right.

Rest [actively] for the remainder of the minute plus 1 minute. 

When the clock hits 02:00 snatch for 24 seconds with your left. After the set, the clock will show, 02:24.

Rest for the remainder of the minute plus 1 minute. 

When the timer hits 04:00, finish the last set in the series: 24 seconds of snatching with your right. After the set, the timer will show 04:24.

Rest the remainder of the minute plus 1 minute.

This completes the snatch series.

At the 06:00 mark, start the push-ups series. Each set of push-ups will be 10 reps as explosive as possible (resting the remainder of the minute plus 1 minute).

You should complete your last set of push-ups by 10:10/15.

This completes one circuit. 

You will complete a total of 3 circuits for this snatch workout.

Start the second circuit with your left hand on the snatch.


I know more than 1 minute seems like a generous amount of time rest between sets but... 

... do not compress your rest periods, for any reason.

Just add more power (i.e., more effort) to your snatches and push-ups.

The goal is to be as explosive as possible while staying as fresh as possible.

Let me know how it goes.


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