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Better Speed, Agility, and Quickness at 41?

Sup dude.  In today's post, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret I’ve kept to myself (I know, selfish!) the past couple of years and how I've used it to "cheat" my way to better speed, agility, and quickness at the ripe age of 41 years old.

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And it's not more swings or snatches.

This’s something not typically covered when using kettlebells to get in shape.

You often see coaches talk about: building strength, muscle, improving endurance, and speed/power with kettlebells.

And rightly so.

In fact...

I talk about this a lot here on the blog.

But today's focus will be on the other 3 attributes.

The attributes of an athlete: Speed, agility, and quickness.

You might be wondering, "why" this should be an important part of your training? You're not even engaged in competitive sports anymore.

Reason #1: form follows the function. If you train specific athletic attributes… your body starts taking on that "athletic look.”

And who doesn't want that?

And Reason #2

The Game of LIFE... 

I have news for ya. You ARE an athlete and you participate in the greatest sport of all... YOUR LIFE. The game of life is brutal and taxing.

And you MUST be quick, agile, and powerful to keep up with your kids - WITHOUT pulling a hammie and be forced to participate from the sidelines while your kids enjoy all the fun.

We’ll bolting this little-know technique to none other than the double kettlebell jerk. What I call, “the black belt of kettlebell lifts.”

In my eyes, it's pound for pound the BEST kettlebell exercise you should work towards and even center your training around.

For starters... it addresses - 5 of the 8 fundamental human tasks:

* Hinge
* Pull
* Carry
* Squat
* Push

In that order.

The only two patterns missing?

Rotation and gait.

So, if you’re a busy guy stressed for time and are looking for the biggest “bang for your buck” exercise to build a strong, capable body in about 25 minutes, 3 x per week...

Then look no further than this little-know yet deadly-effective technique...

Better Speed, Agility, and Quickness. Even at the Ripe Age of 41 Years Old... 

If you train the “black belt of kettlebell lifts”, right and - 

have the right program which follows a REAL strategy, rooted in a proven system.

You’ll have in your possession “the key” to forging an unbreakable body - so you can enjoy all the hard work you put into raising your family.

And live an active life... even into your 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s - still taking it to the young bucks.

If you’re looking for the “right program” which covers all 3 essential phases of mastering the double kettlebell jerk.

Addresses strength, mobility, endurance, and speed, agility, and quickness...

I recommend checking out my course, “Kettlebell Berserk!

It’s the lost treasure map to building lean muscle, getting in mutant-like shape, becoming a badass in life (and virtually "unbreakable") -- using, "the black belt of kettlebell lifts."

And you wanna know the best part?

As a reader of the SAH blog... you can grab a copy of Kettlebell Berserk! here using your 41% OFF e-GiftCard until, 1 November 2020 @ 11:59 CDT.

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Why the big sale?

Well, 23 October is my birthday and instead of hoggin' all the fun and gifts, I wanted to send YOU a little some, some.

Here’s a brief rundown of what's inside Kettlebell Berserk!:

✅ Access to the 3 *REQUIRED* training phases you must navigate to master the double jerk so you can build strength, endurance, and a strong capable body in 90 minutes or less per week.

✅ Pg.14 reveals a super-simple assessment letting know if “you’re ready for jerks”… to keep you safe and ensure you see progress WITHOUT getting derailed by injury and thrown to the wolves.

✅ Pg. 15 & 16 rolls out the blueprint to unlock your movement restrictions based on your assessment to “prime” your body for Jerks so you can access your true strength and build a leaner, more athletic body.

✅ Helps you avoid progress-destroying hand tears using my 3 grip progressions and why using grip #2 for jerks limits your progress and opens you up for more potential hand tears, making it harder to attain your goals.

✅ How to use the “red light” system on Pg. 22 to keep you from doing too much in your workouts and sets you up for a stronger session the next day… so you can remain consistent and avoid potential nagging injuries.

✅ Pg. 28 of Phase 2 reveals the secret to “BOOSTING” your double jerk to the next level with THE #1 EXERCISE men over-look when building a strong foundation. And more kettlebell swings ain’t it!

✅ How to build leaner and stronger triceps using grip #3 and WHY it’s the key to bolting a rocket booster to your jerk technique so you move more weight, and see progress FASTER.

✅  There's a lot more... seriously.

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Gotta bounce.

Hec G.

Here's what a few guys have said about their experience with Kettlebell Berserk!

"One of the most enjoyable programs I’ve tried. Hector's approach is more streamlined and less taxing on my body. After my workouts I feel energized rather than exhausted." - Kyle S.

"It's the best program I ever done. Very precise protocol of working time and breaks is awesome and there's no guesswork! Plus, I love that I'm not exhausted afterwards." - Felix T.

"During my workouts, my recovery is through the roof! I always feel like could of done another set. I feel so good, I’m now off for a hike. Cheers!!!"Brian P.

"Hector's coaching was really eye opening for me & critical in my ability to remain composed both physically and psychologically during the harder days of training."Ray P. 

"A great program before or after Jiu-Jitsu. By the second week I noticed my lower back pain was gone! (Might be because I was able to brace my core a lot better with the jerks and squats."Joshua A.

"My shoulders are feeling awesome every time I put a shirt on and my quads are exploding!  Hec intelligently and playfully makes training far more enjoyable than it should be."Ian M.

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  • Joe M. says:

    Great information!!! Glad you put the “not more swings” warning on the video because I would have bet cash it was. Don’t want to spoil the surprise for everyone else but would have not guessed this exercise at all. Another golden nugget of info to add in….

    As always, thank you for the gift of your time and knowledge.

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