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Strict Press Rack vs. Double Jerk Rack

In today's post -- I'm gonna take you through a kettlebell technique you may not be aware of and how it'll take your double jerk to the next level.

Are you aware there are TWO different rack positions?


There's TWO.

And knowing when to use one over the other can make or break your double jerk.

Strick Press Rack vs. Double Jerk Rack

(which should you use? 🤷🏽‍♂️)

The Strict Press Rack

Your arm is positioned outside the torso -- so you can link the essential pressing muscles together like the lats and the entire shoulder girdle.

This is defcon 9 critical for shoulder health -- nothing new here.


This's NOT the optimal position to jerk from. Aside from using tension with the strict press, the alignment doesn't set you up to crush your jerks.

How so?

With the press there's a slight "cork screw" action as you press overhead (envision and old school "Arnold Press" or "pec deck flys").  This increases the distance the press has to travel to lock out and...

... as we all know -- the fastest way from A to B is in a straight line.

The Double Jerk Rack

The double jerk is a "ballistic" (explosive) exercise and -- ballistics rely on speed and relaxation (to an extent).

Like with the clean and snatch -- to be hyper-efficient with your jerks -- you want the bells to travel the shortest distance possible.

To do this -- align your forearm ON YOUR CHEST and on your lower ribs.

You're gonna be shocked at how fast the bells get overhead. 

I recommend doing jerks first from the strict press rack and assess how this feels (speed, power, etc...).

Then transition to the double jerk rack for comparison and be prepared to be blown away.

Give this a try and let me know how it goes by dropping a comment below.

Hec G.