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3 Disciplines to Become a Dependable Man

I’m making room in my 16 week men's high performance coaching program this month to help men develop discipline. So they can transform their mind, body, & spirit and become the man their family and community is depending on.

In order to accomplish this... you’ll need a high performance strategy built on these 3 Daily-Disciplines:

Discipline # 1:
A Less is MORE Strength Training Strategy

You need a customizable strategy that is measurable. Particularly a Performance Progression Training System. To guide you through all phase of training (i.e., fitness):

  1. Strength.
  2. Strength Endurance.
  3. Muscle-building.
  4. Maximal strength.
  5. Power.

We also hand you the keys to a done-for-you eating strategy to help you navigate the 4 stages of a high performance body.

It's the blueprint to eating in a non-restrictive way to not only support your training. But also help you achieve your physical goals––you know, to "LOOK" the part too.

If you’ve been stuck in the same place the last 6 months and NOT seeing the results you’ve been chasing for years... it’s likely you're not following a Performance Progression Training System.

discipline #2:
Recovery Accelerating Mechanism (R.A.M)

Most men I talk to, avoid recovery, mobility, and flexibility like the plague.

Either because they "don’t have time" to get it in or they’re afraid of making things worse—so they leave it out.

Truth is, if you’re not able to recover from your workouts... you’re shooting yourself in the foot. A Recovery Accelerating Mechanism helps you train hard and more often... while remaining as fresh & healthy as possible.

If you’re not feeling stronger after your workouts?

If you’re feeling "fried" and "dinged up" after playing with your kids?

Then I’m willing to bet a steak dinner you’re missing a Recovery Accelerating Mechanism in your training.

discipline #3:
"Daily-Discipline & Self-Mastery"

Men don’t lack motivation.

Men lack discipline to gain self-mastery over themselves and their base passions.

Plain and simple.

But here's the catch...

... they’ve never taught HOW to build discipline. HOW to attain self-mastery. And by "taught" I don't mean being told to "suck it up and stop being a b**ch."

That's not discipline.

(although there is some truth to this.)

What is discipline?

Most men understand discipline as punishment. They did something wrong as a kid and were "disciplined." In reality...







It's making daily decisions and honoring your commitments.

The become a man people can depend on. Which requires us to do HARD THINGS we don't feel like doing (but know we should).

Discipline is a committing to a mission, a cause, an end outcome. The development of discipline is a daily pursuit. And the fruit of discipline is Self-Mastery.

Inside the ACADEMY I've built you a repeatable system to develop daily disciplines so you can become strongest version of ourself: A man your family and community can depend on.

Here’s what you need to do next.

Fill out this quick application to the HARDSTYLE ACADEMY >>>

After completion we'll be in touch within 48 hours. And if it makes sense to work together, we'll discuss the enrollment process.

If this is an urgent problem to solve... do this today because. My time is limited (between my family and the time devoted to our students) which means... I only take on a hand full of clients at a time.

See you in the ACADEMY!

Your brother in strength,

hec g.

P.S. In 12+ years of coaching... I've noticed men struggle with making decisions. Why? I really don't know.

Maybe they've made many bad decisions in their life and no longer trust themselves. With that said...

... The ACADEMY is a community of men who make critical decisions for the greater good of their family, themselves, and community at large.

If you're "on the fence" or "not sure" or "need to talk to your wife" before you make commitments. Please don't apply to the ACADEMY at this moment. Square that up first with your spouse or yourself first. Then book.

The last thing we both want is... for us to get on a call and when it's time to get started, you "need to think about it" or "need to speak to your wife."

If that's that's how you operate, cool. Just clear it up before booking your enrollment call.

We wanna be respectful of your time (and ours).

Chat soon.

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