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What To Do When You’re Not Deadlifting

So I was just talking (actually I was emailing) with one of the members of the SAH Newsletter about the DL Series 260.  He wanted to make deadlifting a priority for the next couple of months.

So he shared with me a pretty good strategy on how he was going to integrate Original Strength, Flexible Steel and the Mobility Secrets program on off days.

He asked me if it was a good plan. But not just for a couple of weeks but...

... for a couple of months.

I told him it was not only a good plan but--he could even run it indefinitely.  In fact I shared with him that for the past 5 years...

... 90% of my strength training has been deadlifting with the barbell.

... when I feel like snatching--I snatch.
... when I feel like pressing--I press.
... when I feel like doing pull-ups--[you guessed it ] I do pull-ups.

I do just enough to satisfy my "strength craving".  I'm currently mixing presses with my deadlift and when I feel like I'm done--I stop.

My training has currently NEVER been so enjoyable... literally ZERO stress.


here's what i do when i'm not deadlifting...

After each cycle (which is 8-12 weeks) I go through what I call "4-Week Transition Phases". 

In this phase of my strength training, I only do single kettlebell and bodyweight mobility exercises from the Mobility Secrets.

My goal in this 4 week phase is to "iron out" any asymmetries or "bad habits" I created over the course of the last 8-12 weeks.

Here are the exercises I use:

  • 1H Swings
  • Snatches
  • Variations of the Getup
  • check
    Bent Press regressions
  • check
    Single leg deadlifts
  • check
    and most importantly--breathing

As I go through these exercises I use a "light" kettlebell (16-24kg).


Because my focus is symmetry and not going all out.  I just went "all out" the last 8-12 weeks with my deadlift.

During these 4 weeks--I'm being kind to myself.

Gotta run... time to deadlift. I'm about to close out week 7 of a deadlift experimental plan. Here's what I got on the menu tonight:

  • 200kg x 5
  • 210kg x 5
  • 220kg x 4
  • 250kg x 2
  • 200kg x 4

Wish me luck.

Stay Strong [As Hec]!


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