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What’s at the Center of Your Wheel?

In today's post we go through the 1st exercise I take the men of Better Man Blueprint through to help them become better men, husbands, and fathers.

The goal is to…

identify what's at the center of your wheel?

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hec g.

Do you possess a "Weak Man's Wheel" or a "Better Man's Wheel?"

An unbalanced, weak man's wheel

Better Man Blueprint, Religion

An better man's wheel

Whatever is at the center of your “wheel” is finite and it's how you'll look at all the other aspects of your life. Today we use the finite to chase our soul instead of allowing our soul to power our life.

Bryan Ward of the "Third Way Man" calls the former, the "Soul-Chasing Life" and the ladder the "Soul-Powered Life."

Only... there will NEVER be enough money. You'll never lose enough weight. There won't be a day when you think you're lean enough or have enough muscle.

Your business will NEVER be big enough.

What happens when you lose the finite things of this world and you don't know who you are?

If you lack an identify... depression and despair are right around the corner—and in full supply.

Did you know?

In 2018 men committed suicide 3.7 times higher than women? In fact... according the National Institute of Mental Health, it's the leading cause of death in the United States. With an overwhelming amount as a result of a loss of a romantic relationship? Again, what's at the center of your wheel?

Example with “Work” being at the center of your wheel.

Work is important. It’s how you provide and ensure the survival of your family but… 

when work looks out at family, you’re gonna think, “you don’t have time.”

“I need to work harder and longer to pay the bills!!”

Truth is, work has no intrinsic virtue.

Work just “IS.”

Religion on the other hand (I know, the word "religion" is kinda like nails on a chalkboard for most people... but bare with me as I make my point)... 

… teaches you HOW to work, HOW to love, and HOW to make money—ethically.

The same goes for working out, losing weight, etc.

Weight loss, exercises, etc… in and of themselves don’t contain the values and virtues of religion.

If you're losing weight and fasting for vanity purposes... it's null and void—from and eternal perspective. If you're lifting weights only because you wanna look good cause, you're an "alpha male"... it's null and void.

What greater purpose do these serve?

Religion possesses the virtues to help you see the rest of your life with faith, hope, and charity.

But it doesn’t work the other way around.

To be the man, husband, and father you've been called to be... step #1 is identifying what's at the center of your wheel.

Have a great week my man and thanks for reading (or watching).

Your brother in strength,

hec g.