(Part 1) How to Deal with RAGE… - Strong As Hec

For years I've dealt with rage.

(Yes, still dealing with it. But in this series I rip the curtain back to reveal what I've learned and overcome along the way. Hope it helps you out.)

How to Deal with RAGE...

For years I took things personally because I was devalued as a kid.

The beginning of rage...

You’re triggered.

Either by a conversation with a friend, spouse, or an event.

Anger sets in.

And soon anger leads to RAGE.

Once you get to this stage there is no turning back until the pillage is over.

Till you’ve destroyed relationships.

Burned bridges.

Until you’re satisfied with the amount of emotional pain you’ve put your wife through.

(... because you believe she deserves it.)

Until you’ve sedated yourself with food, alcohol, and blown your load with porn to escape your reality. Once the dust and blood settles.

Guilt sets in.

And soon after, shame.

From there you begin to tell yourself a story based on the experience.

This story leads to a belief system.

A world view.

And based on that world view…

… you’re set on one of three paths.

Path #1: The D******** Path.

Path #2: The Path of A********.


Secret path #3: The Path of *********?

Each of these paths perpetuates one of two cycles.

[1.] The cycle of a weak man.

[2.] The cycle of a Better Man.

In the following posts of the "Series of Rage."

I'll deep dive into all 3 paths.

And how to harness rage once and for all.

So you can step into your power.

Re-align the order of your house.

... and lead your family & community from a place of virtue.

Keep your eyes peeled for my next post.

hec g.