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How To Be A More Balanced And Fulfilled Man

What makes what we do in the Better Man Blueprint Intensive so damn effective is... I clear the path for you to be a more balanced man by guiding you through my "5S Framework” so you can live a a more fulfilled life.

If you're looking to create balance between work, family, and unlock some personal alone time to work on yourself...

then you're gonna need this...

"5S Framework" to A More Balanced Live

1️⃣ Strong in Mind

2️⃣ Strong in Body

3️⃣ Strong in Emotion

4️⃣ Strong in Spirit

5️⃣ Strong in Community

Unlike my competitors where they only focus one aspect of your being (e.g., workouts and nutrition). Which only represents ~6% of your day. With the "5S" Framework, you'll become a more complete man.

A balanced man.

a better man.

If any of these frameworks are broken... you’ll continue to remain stuck in your toxic cycle.

Good new is... I have the perfect solution for ya!!

I’m looking to take on a hand full of new students. For 16 weeks I’ll roll out a proven strategy for you to become a more balance man, husband, and father.

Using our “5S Framework” listed above.

Here's what you need to do.

Schedule a time with me on my calendar >>>

On the call we'll talk about where you're at, what's not working and what it's gonna take to get where you wanna be. And if it makes sense... I may invite you to join my gang of better men—Better Man Blueprint.

So you can become a more balance and fulfilled husband & father.

Here's why you need to do this NOW:

1. I'm only taking on a hand full of coaching students this month.

2. I have limited space on my calendar the next 5 days and...

3. We're starting our next group on Monday, 18 January 2021.

I look forward to seeing you on my calendar.

hec g.

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