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How to Approach Your First 5 minute Snatch Test

About 3 months ago I was leading a team at the StrongFirst level 1 certification in San Francisco. It was a kickass event in probably one of coolest gyms I've even seen.

We were hosted by 3 super-cool professionals from Oaklands Most Powerful (OMP). If you're ever in the bay area...

... I highly recommend you reach out to Melissa, Alexei, or Luis -- super great (and STRONG) peeps.

Any hoo... 

Like the many certs I've attended either as a student, assistant, or team leader -- there is one common
nerve-racking -- stress-elevating event everyone dreads...

... the Infamous 5 Minute Snatch Test!

76% of our team did not pass their snatch test for one reason or another.

Aside from strength, endurance, and hand care -- one of the common themes I saw many of the attendees struggle with was...

a lack of Strategy.

Many just went in guns blazin'.

Some busted outta tha gates with 10 snatches right then 10 snatches left, 7 right then 5 left (it was all over the place).

Some blasted straight through the first 50-60 reps -- to ultimately crash and burn somewhere in the mid 60-70's.

I saw one gentlemen (on his 3rd attempt in a one hour period) get to 85 reps when his grip and hips gave out.

Leading to 3 "no counts" -- disqualifying him, AGAIN.

UGH -- My heart went out to the kid -- especially since I was the one who had to jump in and disqualify him on his 3rd no count to keep him safe.

He wanted it so bad!


... no matter his valiant efforts, it was all for not because -- he was missing one crucial piece...

Yep, strategy.

What does this have to do with you?

Well, in case you ever plan on attending an SFG level 1 cert...

When it comes to crushing (and owning) this perceived insurmountable beast... you MUST have the right strategy.

I just cooked up a little something for ya from The Training LAB.  To ensure you have the right approach for your first attempt at the 5 minutes snatch test.

It's my simple-to-follow guide on... 

5 Performance-Boosting Snatch Test Strategies–To Help You Crush Your Next Snatch Test Attempt... 

… without your grip failing or gassing-out around the 3 minute mark
leaving you in a breathless panic!

>>> You can download your free copy here!

Hec G.

P.S. Strategy comes in many forms like:

  • Having the right training program aligned with your goals: so you know exactly when you'll arrive at your desired destination.

  • Knowing what foods to eat: not only to look and feel more comfortable in your clothes but to also boost recovery, which allows you to train more and get to your goal--FASTER.

  • Coaching and accountability: to avoid mistakes, bad information, unnecessary failures, and have someone in your corner to celebrate your successes with.

Just to name a few.

If you feel any of these are lacking, you're tired of being tired, and no matter how much you try -- you keep falling off the wagon...

... I've opened a few slots on my calendar the next couple of weeks for a 30-60 Minute Break-Free Strategy Call.

I'd be happy to chat with you to see where you're at, talk about your goals, and see where the breakdowns are happening.