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Lifting in Beautiful NC

Today is my first day logging my training here on the Ol’ blogger. I’ve been writing in a personal training log for years but — figured you may be interested (likely NOT) in what my weekly training looks like?

I'm currently finishing up a 12 week barbell deadlift cycle and just started an experimental plan for one of my next projects for the blog (more on this soon) — but I’m a little behind. 

I’m currently out of town in Asheville, NC for a biz Master Mind Retreat with my coach and 8 other really cool like-minded peeps who love strength.

This morning I I had to pull at Gold’s Gym.

One of the MM retreatants said she was gonna get up at 03:30 and train...

... my ears perked up!

“I’m down!”

Gotta get my deadz in and a double kettlebell session.

Here’s what my DL session looked like...

Current “Estimated max” is 250kg (551).

I haven’t maxed since before my surgery in 2018 — so I ran 3, 4 week practice micro cycles to establish my current RM.


[•] 160kg x 4
[•] 180kg x 3
[•] 190kg x 4

Pretty tough session (I should've pulled after my dbl bell session -- what I wasn’t thinking 🤦🏽‍♂️).

I identified a few reasons why -- after some contemplation while writing at the end:

  1. I pulled early in the morning — I never DL in the mornings — not for any particular reason — well, I guess I felt like I “wouldn’t be ready to lift this early”.
  2. The diameter of the plates were smaller so — I was pulled closer to the floor resulting in a longer pull.
  3. The barbell was “weird” and the knurling was “off”.  It lacked the standard powerlifting knurling so my setup was off — forcing each pull to be off balanced. I couldn't" get my feet under me” until the last lift.

Here’s what my DBL KB workout consisted of...

I’m currently on week 2 of an experimental plan -- of which I’ll be releasing details for a beta test.

Today was “chains”.

If you’re new to strength training — a chain is where you perform 1 rep of each exercise to complete 1 total rep.  You‘d then go on to complete the total scheduled reps.

(BTW the majority of my beta tests are FREE but only made available to my private email subscribers — If you’d like to join this beta and other future ones you can do that here — and I’ll hook you up with my world famous eBook “Kettlebell Workout Snacks” totally on the house [I’m kool like that]).

E.g., if the chain calls for:

[•] Press x 3
[•] Squat x 3
[•] Swing x 3

Here’s what one set would look like: 1 press, 1 squat, 1 swing — this complete 1 total rep (you can think of this as a “round”) — go on to complete 3 total reps.

Make sense?


 Today’s experiment double kettlebell session: Use a pair of bells you can strict press at least 15 times (15RM).

The lifts:

[•] PP x 5
[•] SQ x 5
[•] CL x 5

(PP = push-press, SQ = squat, CL = clean)

8 total sets.
Rest periods: TOM + 2 minutes
Total time investment: 22 minutes

(TOM = top of the minute)


Hec G.

If you have questions, drop a comment below.