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How to Meal Prep a Day’s Worth of Meals in Less Than 23 Minutes–for $7!!

Alright friend, today I invite you into my kitchen where I'm gonna show you how to meal prep a FULL day's worth of meals -- in less then 23 measly minutes -- for less than $7.

The most common objection and limiting belief when it comes to meal prep is... wait for it...

"... I ain't got time for dat!"

Well my fellow strength-loving, fat loss-seeking friend -- today is the day I surgically-assassinate and bury this limiting belief in the dark hollow grave it deserves.

What I'm gonna unveil today... takes less time than it does to:

  • Open the Dominos app on your smart phone, create a pizza, and have it delivered.
  • Swing by the drive through, wait in line for 15-30 minutes, and finally get your order (which is probably screwed up and by the time you notice, you're already at home).
  • Pack up the kids, drive in bumper-to-bumper traffic -- so you can jump on a 30 minute waitlist for a table, and then be served by a waiter/waitress who hates their job (Oh,  and will likely jack up your order).


... The Reality and beauty of meal prep

... it brings your family closer together, solidifies your marriage, and teaches your children how to become better, more productive, and the world's most powerful success-magnets.

I don't know if you know this but -- there's an actual statistic which shows families who eat every night at the dinner table together -- have a much higher chance of staying together.

And I'm not talking about picking up fast food, sitting at the table, and everyone is on their phone, iPod, or tablet.

I mean a literal home cooked meal, sitting, eating, talking, enjoying each others company and sharing your day's experience with each other.

It's a REAL thing.

How many of us do this any more?
I know I've been guilty of not doing it many times.

That's where meal prep comes in to save the day. It can literally save your marriage from the decrepit hands of divorce and teach your children one of the MOST IMPORTANT life lessons for success.

How so?


In short -- you're spending quality time with your spouse, cooking, talking about each other's day, and not one person is responsible for the entire work load.

Bringing more to each other's life than you take away because, you're doing it together, and you're sharing life's responsibilities with each other.

Imagine what this shows your children?

Kids are very intuitive (and are ALWAYS watching & listening) and know if you genuinely love & support your wife. Plus, think of the self-discipline and healthy habits you're showing them.

Our kids know, ZERO junk food, candy, eating out, etc... is allowed during the weekday.

They know it's not part of our normal routine/lifestyle and, is reserved ONLY as a treat -- like our Friday family movie nights.

But do you know the most powerful life-lesson this teaches your kids?

Commitment + Preparation = Luck Success

The words "luck" or "lucky" are not allowed in our children's vocabulary -- these are self-destructive words.

You've heard the old adage, "Luck is where preparation and opportunity meet".

And the only way to be prepared is to commit to the process! Because those who commit--SUCCEED

The other day I mentioned how I said this to my daughter while teaching her to ride her bike and she took it to heart.

When we got home she wrote those very words both on her bike and bicycle helmet -- in permanent marker!

This little micro-lesson -- something so simple as meal prep can literally transform not only your life but the current state of your marriage and the life of your children.

Ultimately preparing them (your marriage and children) for the brutal world, waiting in the darkness to devour them like a lion in the savanna.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, drop a comment below.

Gotta run.

Hec G.

P.S. I did the math and the total coast of each meal was: $2.31!! 

A grand total for all 3 meals: $6.93

If you think it's expensive to eat healthy and it takes "all this time" to meal prep -- think again.