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General Warmup vs. Specific Warmup, which is best?

I've been talking about general and specific warm ups with my peeps going through my 6 Week Kettlebell Coaching Korner Program of Kettlebell Berserk!  -- so I thought I'd break it down in a little more detail for you here on the blog.

Do you know the difference between the two?
Is one better over the other?

Lets dive in...

A General Warm up:

Typically consists of 1-3 exercises which typically have no relation to the workout/practice that follows it.

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Here's a sample general warm up for jerks:

  • 3 minutes of diaphragmatic breathing
  • One kettlebell armbar per side
  • One getup per side
  • One (maybe two) set of 3-5 strict or push presses.

None of these are related to the jerk but -- they prep your body nicely and address all the components of the jerk like:

  • Thoracic mobility
  • Shoulder stability
  • Strength, and a powerful hip drive.

A Specific Warm up:

A specific warm up means exactly what the words entail -- the warm up is specific and related to the workout/practice that follows it.

Using the double jerk and front squat (these exercises are used in phase 1 of Rōnin) again as an example -- we'll base the warm up on the double jerk and front squat... 

... here's a sample warm up for a lifter using a pair of 32's for Rōnin:

  • 3 minutes of diaphragmatic breathing followed by... 
  • One round of the jerk drop walk (shown in the video above) followed by... 
  • One set of light double jerks and front squats with 24kg (reps specific to the upcoming session), rest for 2-3 minutes then... 
  • One set of double jerks and front squats with 28kg (reps specific to the upcoming session) -- rest for 2-3 minutes and you're ready to rock.

That's it -- pretty simple.

All of these are specific to the jerk (well, because you're doing jerks) and address all the components required for the jerk which are mentioned above.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

🥋 Hec G.

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