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3 Life Lessons to Get Back in Shape

It’s time to leg lock all the myths and settle the score once and for all. But before I get into the “3 LIFE LESSONS”

I’ve been concocting a secret super-formula for men like you and tonight I’m unveiling the special ingredients…

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*Ok, back to regular scheduled programming*

Look, I’m not special.

I’m just a regular dude (like you).

When I talk about how I’ve been able to get in top shape, build a body that can take life’s (and Jiu-Jitsu’s) throat punch, still have the ability to steamroll forward...

and not worry about waking up the next morning like a sloth with the face cringing and rib grabbing effects from the previous training day.

It's not because I'm a genius, I don't have a masters degree in physiology, and I can't name all the muscles the muscle insertions and points of origin to improve my peers on the book of faces

... nor do I have any extra advantages over anyone else.

As I look back at the success I’ve had, there are many lessons I’ve learned the last 19+ years in the trenches not only in my own training but also working with my students--

and I'm going to share those lessons with you now.

So you can take a mental-inventory of where you’re at with them in your own life.

  1. I have always surrounded myself with other professionals ALREADY doing what I wanted to do.

    Years ago, I was struggling to balance all my spinning plates: strength training, mobility, Jiu-Jitsu 3-5 days a week, studying to become a fitness professional, running a full-time business (and trying to open a gym), and still be a good husband to my wife, and super dad to my kids.

    I stumbled across a rare training system…

    I knew I could put what I learned to good use—eventually I *cracked the code* and transformed not only my body, my confidence, and belief system that “it was possible to get it all in” and not wake up in the morning feeling “broken”.

    I hired a mentor I knew could help me take the rare training system I found and transform it into a wickedly effective and easy to follow treasure map for you to follow too—which leads me to…
  2. I have always had a mentor in some capacity.

    For the last 8 months my mentor and I locked ourselves away—deep in my Training LAB–crafting a breakthrough training super-formula.

    I truly believe it’s been the magic behind my rapid success in rebuilding my body after Liver donation just 5 short months ago.

    I’m 100% certain if I hadn’t made the move to hire my mentor...

    I would have done so many things WRONG and left out many crucial steps and key strategies.

    Mind-blowing strategies that would have left me feeling over-worked and broken to the point of giving up.

    Even after more than a decade in the fitness and martial arts world working in with real people in the trenches...

    I still sought out a mentor to concoct my new breakthrough formula and I want to share it with you now.

    Mentorship is literally the reason I’ve had the mind-blowing success I’ve had both in my physical body and business.

    Looking back, I would have absolutely been out of my mind to think I could cracked this code on my own 🤦🏽‍♂️.
  3. I constantly learned *and* stuck to the plan.

    In my opinion, there are too many “program hoppers” in the fitness world today—looking to scratch their itch of the latest routine, program, workout, etc…

    (I know because I was one)

    Even to the point of changing “the program” to satisfy their feelings.

    Maybe it’s out of fear of “it not working for them”, needing to invest a lot of energy and precious time with mobility, flexibility, cardio (ugh), and not having enough time for Jiu-Jitsu and spending time with their family.

    Or maybe their fear is around “not knowing where to start” or “what to do” so they walk away from it all together.

If I would have allowed fear to distract me from getting started or...

continued to “seek the latest business course” because what I was doing wasn’t “work for me” and kept changing the plan.

I would no longer be doing the plan my mentor worked tirelessly to assemble for me.

I would be *doing my own plan* and we all know how that plays out, right?

Because what I had been doing before sucked balls and clearly wasn’t working.

Or worse...

If I waited for the “perfect time” to take serious action (which never comes)—I would not have had the mental breakthroughs I’ve had nor been able to tap into my true potential.

It's not to say I didn't have those same fears, but the deciding factor is -- I took action in spite of them.

This is the case for EVERY successful student I’ve ever worked with.

So, whether you’re kicking ass and taking names or...

just want to see...

My 5 Step Formula to Become “Unbreakable" for Jiu-Jitsu and Reclaim Your Power as a Man 


you've been stuck in the same place for years and don’t know where or how to get started…

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🥋 Hec