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Tomorrow NEVER Comes

The last few weeks I’ve had plenty of time to reflect. Most of which has been on decisions I’ve made for my health, business, and family.

The ONE THING I’m most proud of - both in my personal choices and how I’ve been able to impact students in my career is... getting out of the stories causing us to play small.

We play small because it’s comfortable.

It’s the known.

It’s certain.

We say we want more.

Sometimes we even shout it from the rooftops...⁣⁣ but most often our dreams never give birth to reality because well... they’re terrifying.

What lifelong stories and beliefs do we need to drop like a bad habit...

... to become the man we’ve been called to be and create the exceptional life we’ve dreamt of since we were 13 years old?

Too many times we fight back against our dreams.

We become enslaved to the “if, then” cycle.

“If I had _____ then I could _____.”

“If I had more time then I’d be able to _____.”

We make excuses with phrases like...⁣⁣⁣⁣

”I can’t because...”⁣⁣

”I would, but...”⁣⁣

”When the time is better, then I’ll...”⁣⁣

”When I have more money, then I’ll invest in my business/dreams/goals...”⁣⁣

”It doesn’t make sense/isn’t possible right now...”⁣⁣

“Because of this pandemic, _____ won’t work for me right now.”

The list could go on.

I’ve heard these phrases uttered by men… both in fitness, their career, or biz... thousands of times.⁣⁣

I’ve even had moments like this, I mean... who hasn’t?

And you know what?

They’re f*cking lies!

These little bastards rear their ugly heads to make you believe the story of why you should play it safe, why you should stay small.⁣⁣

The truth is, to move forward, create the biz/career, and life of your dreams...

... you gotta recognize these stories and throw a spinning heel kick to their balls.

⁣⁣You Gotta be willing to take risks and do what’s wildly out of your comfort zone (even in the midst of a pandemic).

Or you’re guaranteed to stay small.

There’s a saying in Jiu-Jitsu (and I paraphrase), “In 10 years, you’re gonna be older anyway... might as well be a black belt too”.

The lesson?

Look, coronavirus/pandemic or not... times gonna go by anyway... might as well pull the trigger and crush the goals you’ve been putting off.

Now’s the time.


... tomorrow never comes and you’ve got legacy-grade memories to make with your wife and kids.

So let me ask…

… Can you think of a time where your story was keeping you small and you fought for it anyway?

Would love to hear from ya... hit reply and let me know what’s coming up for you.

🥋 Hec G.