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Sup dude, it's Hector (my friends call me 'hec.')

I'm a high school dropout turned 3rd degree BJJ Black Belt and strength expert who helps men 40+ who have gotten lazy and "fell off the wagon." Get in shape & build a stronger, leaner, and more capable body in ~2-3 hours per week.


eBooks and Playbooks

KBJJ (Kettlebells for Jiu-Jitsu) 4 Week Strength Program: How to build a strong + resilient body for BJJ (without interfering with your life–and time on the mat.)... download here.

Deadlift Playbook: Learn how to deadlift a barbell injury-free without training to be a powerlifter... download.

11 Progress-Destroying Blunders: You're making with your strength and fat loss efforts right now... (and are holding your hostage from who you've been called to be)... download.


YouTube Podcast

Thoughts About Strength: My random thoughts on strength training, kettlebells, Jiu-Jitsu, and other physical stuff... listen here.

Deadlift DailyInsights on life, strength, and other stuff... listen here.

Common Kettlebell Mistakes Series: The 5 most common kettlebell mistakes and how to fix them... listen here.

Q+A's: LIVE Q+A's. Ask me anything(!)... listen here.

And more here... watch here. 

Work with Me

If you’re looking for direct coaching to fast track your results (building a strong and resilient body for BJJ [and everyday life].)

Apply to join the Hardstyle Fitness Academy

Phase 1 is a 16 week kettlebell coaching program to help busy men 35+ build their foundation of strength, mobility, and endurance in less than 2 hours per week.

So you can have more time to do what you enjoy (like Jiu-Jitsu or spending time with your family).

And less time trying to be the best at exercise.

The program is so deadly effective because…

… it guides you through the “Performance Progression Pyramid” to remove the guess work on when (and how) to train for strength, strength-endurance, muscle-building, maximum strength, and power endurance… without getting Injured.

While simultaneously accelerating recovery, mobility, and flexibility through our “Recovery Accelerating Mechanisms” (RAM).

Compared to other kettlebell “programs” that have you doing random workouts, 10,000 kettlebell swing challenges, and ineffective “kettlebell flows.”

Which are ALL not repeatable strategies.

Which means…

… you will not see long term progress (that’s what you’re want after all… right?! Long term progress in less time.).

Here’s what you need to do next.

1.) Click here to apply to join the Hardstyle Fitness Academy (HSFA)

If/when your application is approved… we will be In touch within 48 hours to set up a time to chat.

Answer any Q’s you may have.

… and discuss the enrollment process.

2.) Do this ASAP is you’re tired of your current results because my time is limited (and super focused).

I only accept a certain number of students at a time into the HSFA.

Which allows me to poor all of my energy and attention into helping my students attain their goals.

Apply here to the HSFA

(A little more about me, how I can help you be BETTER than you are today.)