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Sup dude, it's Hector (my friends call me 'hec.')

I'm a high school dropout turned 3rd degree BJJ Black Belt and strength expert who helps people like you get their power back so they can be the strongest version of themselves.


eBooks and Playbooks

I've put some free recourses together to help you do that. The kinda recourses most people would nickel and dime you for. Enjoy!

Kettlebell Workouts Snacks: 8 expertly designed kettlebell programs (not random workouts) to get in shape in less than 45 minutes per week... download.

Deadlift Playbook: Learn how to deadlift a barbell injury-free without training to be a powerlifter... download.

11 Progress-Destroying Blunders: You're making with your strength and fat loss efforts right now... (and are holding your hostage from who you've been called to be)... download.


YouTube Podcast

Thoughts About Strength: My random thoughts on strength training, kettlebells, Jiu-Jitsu, and other physical stuff... listen here.

Deadlift DailyInsights on life, strength, and other stuff... listen here.

Common Kettlebell Mistakes Series: The 5 most common kettlebell mistakes and how to fix them... listen here.

Q+A's: LIVE Q+A's. Ask me anything(!)... listen here.

And more here... watch here. 

Work with Me

I love working with people who make decisions and are open to learning. If that's you.

Let's get clarity around where things are breaking down for you.

What's working and what's not.

Address the next steps to get where you wanna be. And establish if it makes sense to work together.

If it does, we'll discuss the enrollment process... book a time to chat here.

(A little more about me, how I can help you be BETTER than you are today.)