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Attention: Barbell lovers who are trying to build a BIGGER deadlift... 

Non-Powerlifter reveals "paid secrets" to building a bigger deadlift Injury-Free... and without having to train like a powerlifter... 

... even if you've never deadlifted once in your life!

Hold up, what is Deadlift Playbook?

[Summer 2013]

I just came back from the SFL (StrongFirst Lifter) barbell certification in Tucson, AZ.

I barley passed my strength test by pulling 405 (my 2 x BW deadlift... what Pavel called, "A not weak test." 🥴).

After coming home from the cert my deadlift was "stuck."

No matter what I tried.

I could not break the 405 barrier. Even my friend and mentor Jason Marshall tried helping me out to no avail.

At that point I stop ALL training protocols I was going through. And I tried them ALL:

  • Easy Strength (which worked best... until it didn't).

  • 5x5

  • Marty Gallagher training cycles

  • And many more...

I took a step back and focused on...  

getting BETTER at deadlifting.

The results were mind-blowing.

In a matter of months I went from 184kg to 200kg (405-440) After a 4 weeks break I went from 200 to 220kg (440-484).

A few months after that...

220kg to 240kg (YEAH... another 20kg jump!)

By 2015 I hit 250kg (551).

The progressions like I said... we're mind-blowing. It was like I discovered a superpower no one knew about.

And I wanna share it with you (yes YOU)!

You're about to discover a handful of time-tested principles which took me from barely being able to deadlift 184kg (405) to pulling 290kg (639) @ 95kg in a 5 year period...

(And avg. of 46.8 lbs per year!)

WITHOUT training like a powerlifter -- and I'm going to show you exactly how I did it!

Here's a glimpse of what's awaiting you inside Deadlift Playbook...

  • A Full-Proof System. Following time-tested, principle-based techniques to building a stronger deadlift in the shortest amount of time.
  • How to establish your optimal stance to produce the most power off the floor WITHOUT wasting time on rack pulls.
  • Page 10 reveals the #1 skill you must master to INSTANTLY get stronger without having to deadlift.
  • On page 11 you'll discover the one exercise lifters ofter abuse and overlook as a hyper-effect hip mobility exercise to take your deadlift to the next level. 
  • Page 12 pulls back the curtain on a little-know strength secret to lengthening your arms to gain even more leverage over the bar to eliminate potential injury.
  • Play #3 on page 14 unlocked the 3 Soviet Secrets of program design -- guaranteed to get you stronger and keep you from over-training so you can see faster results.
  • And more... 

I failed to mention I changed my stance along the way. I switched from conventional to sumo (spare me the sumo is cheating BS).

At the end of a deadlift session in the summer 2018. I was doing some back-off sets.

I had a set of 3 scheduled at 230kg (80% of my 1RM).

I was feeling STRONG... and decided to pull it conventional.

The end result?

A smoooth 230kg pull for a triple -- CONVENTIONAL.

Not bad since I hadn't pulled conventional since summer of 2013.

Not bad at all.

I look forward to you having the same breakthroughs in your deadlift.

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