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Strength Training For Men

Easy-to-Follow programs to get in shape, move like you did in your 20's, and create balance in your day... so you can be more present with the family and still have time for yourself & your passions.

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Programs & Courses

When it comes to strength training and moving like you once did when you were a kid, my philosophy is pretty simple. Strength training should be enjoyable in a way which, it gives more to you than it takes away.

If you're looking for over-fatiguing, time-wasting high intensity interval-esque type workouts... you're in the wrong spot.

However, if you're looking for intelligent, time-saving, and results-getting programs following a "less is more" approach... then I've got what you're looking for 

Get ready to get in the best shape of your life, while spending less time in a gym, and more time doing what you enjoy... like being the center piece of your household & being more active with your kids.

Hector Gutierrez Jr.

Author and Creator of Better Man Blueprint

Life-Balancing Courses, to build a more capable body to take life's punch... even if you haven't worked out in months...

Swing STRONG!™

A in depth beginners course to maximize strength, mobility and endurance with the swing and getup.

NO-BS Pressing Program

NO-BS Pr Program™

Minimalist approach to building a stronger, muscular, and more capable body with one or two kettlebells.

Snatch Blueprint™

A detailed e-course on how to master the kettlebell snatch + a compendium of science-based...

How to improve mobility with kettlebells and bodyweight

Mobility Secrets™

How to become bulletproof for BJJ so you can train more and avoid waking up the next day feeling like...

SAH BW Intensive™

How to build your first OAP, Strict Pull-up, and OAOLPU so you can stay in shape anytime, anywhere. 

Time-saving Programs proven to rebuild your body, get you in action hero shape, and take your life to the next level in less than 2 hours per week...

Double KB Manifesto™

How to get in ridiculous shape in less than 33.5 minutes per week with 2 kettlebells.

Double Kettlebell Jerk

Kettlebell Berserk!™

The treasure map to lean muscle, getting in ridiculous shape, and becoming a badass in life.

Armour Building Secrets

How to realign your hormones, build maximum muscle, and drop fat in less than 90 minutes per week.

Strength Plan 001™

A minimalist approach to getting stronger in any major lift: press, squat, deadlift, etc...

Kettlebell 6™

How to build a stronger, more capable body following the KB6 “M.A.D. Method Protocol”.