Step 2:

Balistic Loading

Enter Kettlebell "Ballistics": 

These are quick, “explosive” exercises (e.g., swings, cleans, snatches, push-presses, and jerks) typically with a sub-maximal weights to explode growth hormone levels.

Which boosts recovery, combat cortisol levels, and make it easier to lose excess body fat (because a body under stress, can't lose weight/body fat).

When it comes to boosting Test and GH… there’s a bit of a dichotomy between grinds and ballistics.

While grinds take advantage of the time under tension (TUT) principle and increases muscle damage (which is essential to trigger muscle growth).

There's a - 

downfall to Time Under Tension

Training volume (reps and sets) comes to a screeching halt quick because of the acidic buildup of lactate.

According to:

Tran et al (2007) concluded, training volume is a more important stimulus than TUT in resistance training.

They go on to suggest... when training volume is equated, TUT is the major determinant of neuromuscular changes.

Hatfiled et al (2006) concluded… increasing TUT could decrease the total number of repetitions and training volume load.

What does this mean for you?

You can do more work (reps and sets) using quick explosive exercises (like the kettlebell quick lifts: swings, cleans, snatches, push presses, and jerks).

But, using quick explosive movements means you’re reduced to using light to medium weights.

So, what’s the deal?!

To combat this and absorb the benefits of increased GH (ballistics) and testosterone (Grinds) like a dry sponge…

... it’s important to incorporate BOTH grinds and ballistic exercises as mechanical loading into your daily practice.

To complete the muscle-building cocktail and fight estrogen... you need to know how to manipulate these two fat loss hormones.

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