Step #3:

Fasting for Hormone Optimization

During a fast cycle… several things take place… one of which is the optimization of hormones.

Human growth hormone (hGH), insulin, glucagon, and cortisol are brought into balance. 

This hormonal “alignment” is called metabolic efficiency.

Metabolic efficiency is the ability for your body to use its stored energy (food), specifically carbs and fat, more efficiently resulting in optimal body fat loss.

The 2 key hormones which are manipulated and accelerate fat loss are human growth hormone and glucagon.

Glucagon: has an inverse relationship with insulin and they work together to control glucose levels in the blood.

Insulin promotes the storing of energy (and manufacturing proteins)… glucagon promotes the release of stored energy like glucose and essential fatty acids.

Growth Hormone: Causes tissue to grow (hence the name) using these 3 mechanisms:

  • Increases protein synthesis (making of new protein for muscle-building)
  • Increased lipolysis (decreased body fat)
  • Increased sarcomere growth (muscle fiber)

In other words, growth hormone supports and initiates growth of tissue (lean muscle) in the human body in many ways while decreasing adipose tissue (body fat) as well.

One of the key benefits many people overlook as a result of leading a fasting focused lifestyle is… 


Fasting triggers a process called  (2) autophagy (awe-toffo-gee, Greek meaning ‘eating of self’) which plays a key role in preventing diseases such as cancer, neurodegeneration, cardiomyopathy, diabetes, liver disease, autoimmune diseases and infections.

(3) Studies show autophagy to be present in all our cells with one task… to clean out and recycle.

It’s an essential part of the anti-aging mechanism of caloric restriction. 

Think of any equipment on the planet… your car, air conditioner, or whatever.

With enough activity and use… these break down.

Fortunately for you (and me)… we have a built-in cleaning and restoration system to rebuild our body after years of abuse… and this includes exercise.

What happens when our internal mechanisms repair slowly?

Image your computer or smart phone… it eventually crashes unless you update the software, right?

Same happens with your body when you have damaged internal software.

Long Term Affects of Damaged Internal Software

Take mitochondria as an example… the powerhouse of your cells. When these can’t repair and regenerate… you’re screwed. 

And you age faster.

Possibly fall victim to chronic illnesses, shoot… you can even start losing your hair (crap… I’m doooomed! 😂 ).

Not to mention, you start packing on the pounds, clothes no longer fit like they used to, and you're no longer comfortable in your skin.

The worst part?

You lose your sex drive because your hormones are in the dumps. You no longer feel attractive towards your spouse (or significant other).

Which brings us back to growth hormone. A lack of GH can inhibit the autophagic process leaving your tissues degenerating at a rapid pace.

In the end, leading to more aches and pains.

The best way to regroup and kick GH back into gear is... fast regularly and... incorporate ballistic loading.

Remember… fasting and ballistic loading boosts growth hormone. Which in turn bumps up your little autophagy workers like the magic bubbles cleaning team.

In a nutshell autophagy regenerates the body and it’s the ONE true king when it comes to “cleanses” because it happens at a cellular level.

There isn’t a juice or liver cleanse on the market which can hold a flame to autophagy.


Imagine what life would be like if you could balance everything in your life like -

  • Having your hormones firing on all cylinders so you can finally reap the benefits of all the effort you're been putting in to get in shape.
  • Being more organized, focused, and consistent with your goals so you can feel better about yourself and feel comfortable in your skin.
  • Having more time to improve you health, build a stronger, capable, and more muscular body and have your pants hanging nicely around your waist.
  • No longer feel like you're cheating your family from being tired all day, keeping you from spending quality time with the wife and kids.
  • Taking your career to the next level and never have to worry about passing up a promotion because of how much time you've missed due to your health.

All of which is possible with the right strategy.

Good new is.

There are...

Two options for you to get started with balancing your hormones, counteracting estrogen, and reverse the aging process today.

[OPTION #1.] You design your own strategy

This sounds like the best idea and could likely save you some cash (or will it?!)...

But once you realize you know very little--if anything at all--about mechanical loading to trigger the release of testosterone and growth hormone... 

So you can get in shape and build muscle like:  the reps, sets, recovery mechanisms, and the right exercise selection of "grind" and "ballistic" exercises.

What about the eating strategy?
How much protein, carbs, and fats?
How about the fasting protocol that works best for you?

Then you realize, "sh*t, with my already stressed schedule, where in the hell I'm I gonna find the time to research all that's required to find the answers I need for this to work?!"

I'm pretty sure as you're reading this now...

... just thinking about adding one more thing to your to-do list... you can feel your heart race with anxiety, and your stomach tightening.

But before you paw for that bottle of prozac, I recommend... 

[OPTION #2.] Get a "Done-for-You" hormone optimization system.

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